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Approved Starship [TSA] Bastion-class Personal Transport

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Intent: A personal transport ship for the use of Sith Ascendancy members.
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Canon Link: Not Applicable
Restricted Missions: Not Applicable
Primary Source: Corvette/Transport Template

Manufacturer: Sith Ascendancy Shipyards, in orbit of Bastion
Designer: Ignus Industries
Model: Bastion-class Personal Transport
Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy
Production: Limited (to Sith within the Sith Ascendancy)
Material: Durasteel Hull Plating, Quandanium Frame, Reinforced Transparisteel Viewports

Classification: Personal Transport
Length: 50 Metres
Width: 28 Metres
Height: 18 Metres

Armament: Low
- 3 Lb-14 Dual Heavy Laser Turrets: can either be set to auto-tracking mode by the pilot, or fired by additional crew from stations on the Bridge

Defense Rating: Average
- 880 Palisade Shield Generator
- Shipwide Capacitive Defense Network

Hangar: None
Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
Speed Rating: High
Hyperdrive Class: 1.2

- 840.z Holo-Targeting Suite
- Standard Escape Pod
- Standard Sensor Suite
- Standard Life Support Systems
- Automated Internal Defense System
- Hyperwave Transceiver
- Holotransmitter Platform
- IFF Transponder System with multiple transponder overlays

- Small, compact personal ship, capable of long-range operations
- Strong defensive capability against starfighters and ships of equivalent size
- Capable of serving as a 'home-away-from-home', with standard living quarters, functional kitchenette etc
- Can be piloted by just one individual, though capable of accommodating several passengers as well

- Small cargo space: the ship needs to be resupplied every few months
- Expensive, the cost being rather considerable due to the intricate nature of the technology aboard
- Weak shields: though the Bastion has fairly strong armament (more then sufficient to discourage would-be attackers), the shields are only strong enough to take several direct hits before failing.
- Has no weapons on the lower section of the ship, requiring the vessel to roll in order to fire on ships below it.


The Bastion-class Personal Transport was designed by Ignus Industries to fill a niche in the armoury of the Sith Ascendancy, and produced thereafter at the Ascendancy Shipyards over Bastion, for which the class is named. The vessel is designed as a personal vessel to be used by the Sith: often given as gifts for their Acolytes, and for use by their operatives for extended long-range missions without the need to borrow shuttles or hitch a ride aboard a larger vessel with a hyperdrive.

The transport is designed to serve as a personal home for the owner: it is furnished with several sizeable cabins (though several of these are intended for multiple occupants, and use bunks rather than a single bed), as well as a kitchenette, a bathroom with a built-in sonic shower, and sufficient storage space to carry several weeks worth of provisions, as well as the owner's personal effects. The transport does not, however, contain a medical bay, though it does have several emergency medical kits stashed in various locations aboard.

The ship's defenses are reasonable for the vessel's size: it is armed with 3 sets of dual Heavy Laser Turrets, which each have a 360-degree firing arc. These can be set to auto-tracking mode - if the pilot designates a target from the cockpit, the turrets will move to track and fire upon it, though this can perhaps be less accurate than having someone fire manually, which can be done by a separate crewmember working from the weapons console in the cockpit. The shields are sufficient to protect the hull against starfighter attacks, though several direct hits are enough to cause the shields to fail, leaving the vessel vulnerable to attack.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command

Looks like you forgot the Defense rating.

I'd also note that 3 twin laser cannons is fairly Low as far as armament goes. You're well within bounds to bump up the number a bit to justify that average and the written strengths.
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Thank you for reviewing this one :) As per your suggestion, I've added a 'average' defense rating, and also altered the weapons to dual-Heavy Laser Turrets, to be more reflective of the description and the fact that it's designed to have a little heavier firepower. Just had to dig a little deeper to find something suitable!
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