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TS-OB 001 'Oberon' Medical Droid

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  • Intent: A mass-produced medical droid series manufactured by Trini-Tech
  • Image Source: Fausto De Martini
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Medical droid
  • Manufacturer: Trini-Tech
  • Model: Triage Series - OB 001 'Oberon'
  • Production: Mass Produced
  • Affiliation: Closed Market
  • Modularity: Nurse Assistant Variant, Personality Modules
  • Material: Durasteel, droid components
  • Classification: First Degree
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Height: 1.5m
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: N/A
  • Misc. Equipment: Surgical attachments, medicine dispensers, medical diagnostic computer
  • [ Surgical Tool Variety ] | The ends of the Oberon droid are detachable and capable of attaching a wide variety of medical tools and equipment to provide maximum surgical service to a patient.
  • [ Surgical Databanks ] | The Oberon is programmed to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, both of organic nature or battle injuries. Its diverse knowledge makes it an excellent surgeon.
  • [ Sterilization Compartment ] | The Oberon is equipped with a sterilization compartment within its chassis that it can deposit surgical tools in for sterilization and use.
  • Can capably perform most standard and some advanced medical or surgical operations for extended periods of time without having to rest.
  • Unlike organic counterparts, the Oberon has the precision of a high-end machine and as a result is able to carry out the most tedious and taxing of procedures with a significantly higher success rate compared to its biological counterparts.
  • Nurse Assistant model variant keeps patients stabilized and monitors their vitals whilst the Oberon operates maintaining peak efficiency.
  • The Oberon and its variants can be plugged into a power source to remain in operation for extended surgeries without the need for recharging.
  • Has no weapons or shields to defend itself with. It is designed to provide triage to those in need of medical treatment, not fight on the frontlines or be outfitted to defend itself. If it gets hit with a blaster or any other weapon, it will go down without much effort.
  • Susceptible to any form of electromagnetic interference like any droid. If close enough to a strong enough source, it will cause the droid to behave sub-optimally and if directly afflicted by a source will shut it down completely.
  • The Oberon's reverse leg joint design while allowing it to bear a significant amount of weight makes it extremely slow at moving around outside of an operating theater.
The Triage Series OB 001 'Oberon' medical droid, or as it is more commonly referred to as Oh-Bee for short is a surgical droid manufactured by Trini-Tech as one of its most commonly produced products. The Oberon is programmed to handle all manner of injuries and wounds, equipped with scalpels, injectors, cauterizers, etc. The wide arsenal of medical equipment available to the Oberon within its toolkit make it a mobile operating room.

The Oberon is an effective medical droid for both civilian and military use given it is provided with a sterile enough environment to operate in. It is largely autonomous and will operate on anyone presented to it. Due to the success rates of the Oberons, a large number of people in possession of one have opted to install a personality module on them to make them much more friendly and sociable a tactic to ease the patient's worries prior to operation.

Trini-Tech's production and distribution of the Oberon Medical Droid is strictly regulated to the Galactic Alliance and at the discretion of its founder Lunabelle Belltranova for those who express an interest in purchasing them. They are typically provided to anyone without a contract to aid in humanitarian efforts and medical aid to besieged planets. The wealth of medical knowledge programmed into it is destroyed upon a droid being deactivated forcefully to prevent anyone from pilfering its databanks.
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