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Trevin Neros

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NAME: Trevin Neros
RANK: Templar Ranger Apprentice
SPECIES: Miraluka/Human
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 inches
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ As with all Miraluka, Trevin does not have eyes in his eye sockets, and he uses force sight for vision. Seeing as he was born with the ability he has no issues using it and it has become second nature to him.
+ Hard worker with a strong desire to see things through to their completion, there are very few tasks that Trevin sets out to do without completing them.
+ Quick learner, able to pick up skills at a rapid pace, learning how to pilot and maintain ships at a very young age is just one of the examples.
+ Tech savvy and competent with most weapons and computers. Though one won't see him fixing up a Star Destroyer, his force vision allows him to see things normal eyes wouldn't, and fixing weapons or using computers seems second nature to him.
+ Physically fit from a lifetime of working hard labor jobs has left his body in peak physical condition.
- Betrayal and deceit were normal for him from a young age and has made him very wary of others. His ability to maintain friendships is not affected by this, but getting to know and trust people takes longer than normal for him, but once he does consider someone a friend he will be loyal to them to the end.
- Obviously he doesn't have eyes so he can't see like you normal folk.
- Driven by revenge he will sometimes be blinded by his own desire to avenge his families death.
Born on the adoptive homeworld of Miraluka's, Alpharidies, Trevin was the oldest of three. His father was Miraluka while his mother was only a human. Trevin was the only one of the three to be born with the vision and the rest of his family were born seemingly human. His parents are unsure why he was born without eyes and the vision while his siblings were not, but Trevin is proud of his heritage, and instead of letting it bother him he embraced it. Though, at times, it was tough not being able to look upon his family with his own eyes and instead was forced to use the vision.

The Miraluka, as a whole, were a very proud race and did not seem to accept his mother and brothers. Though his father was a devout follower of Bogan, Trevin never considered himself a very religious person. He felt it unfair that his mother and brothers were not allowed to follow the same religion as he was and wondered how it was fair that he was allowed to go to the afterlife when his siblings and mother were not. He found the Miraluka to be very hypocritical in their ways and he found their passive aggressive, personal sacrifice, views on life to be trivial.

He hid most of these emotions as he did not want to upset his father, and he felt as if he was a rolemodel to his siblings, so he did not let these thoughts slip through. He grew up early, working odd jobs around the planet when he was only eight years old. It was mostly delivery type services but he grew to appreciate the value of hard work. At the age of thirteen he was offered a job learning how to repair the ships of the planet, a job he loved, and a job he was good at. He envisioned himself becoming a fighter pilot one day and making his family proud by serving in the military.

When he was fifteen Trevin signed up to join the Republic military. He was initially denied entry into the flight academy so he joined the frontline soldiers in the army. Leaving the planet was hard for him as his father was strongly against it as the Miraluka were not normally soldiers. Trevin responded by saying he was not fully Miraluka in the first place and upset his father before he left. This would be the last time he spoke to any of his family members.

His time in the Republic military was relatively uneventful as he was only a mechanic. It was not until he was confronted by a Sith Knight who took a notice of his force sensitivity. Despite the mans promise of power, Trevin refused, and the Sith left on terrible terms and promised him that one day he would come around to see the power of the darkside of the force. Unknown to Trevin, the Sith turned to his homeworld, and slaughtered his family. He would not find out for another few months when he was discharged from the military and allowed to attend their funeral.

Disdain and anger flooded him but he promised he would never turn to the darkside. His personal vendetta against the Sith is something that still flows through him to this day, and he swears he will find the man and he will have his vengeance. Unable to stay on his homeworld because he did not fit in, Trevin took to traveling the Galaxy and working odd jobs. He finally found a suitable home and job on the planet of Hypori and maintaining droids.

He lived happily there with his pet Canoid, Zeltros. Though the working conditions were rough, Trevin never participated in the riots, and when the CIS eventually came to the planet Trevin offered his services in putting down the resistance. It was here that another man discovered his force sensitivity and offered to train him as a Templar. At first, Trevin dismissed it, preferring to continue his work as a droid maintenance tech. But, after the Templar discovered the Sith attack, he warned Trevin that he would never defeat the man unless he trained himself. It was then that Trevin decided it was time to take control of his destiny and learn to control the gift he had been given.