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Tremble mere mortals part 2


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
Gentlemen lock up your Ladies and Daughters

Chiefs shut your pantries and cupboards

Biscuit boxes quake in fear

The greatest, cutest ball of fluff is returning

All hail Supreme Commodante General of Cuteness Lilicky!

Atlas Kane

Hm I have these
-snax right here, but I dunno if I schould give them to you...


Ropo Lord of Hoth and Supreme Comandante General
It didn't matter if he wanted to give them to the little Ropo or not. He had already seen the biscuits. He knew that they were there, and he would conquer any obstacle to get to them. Truly it would be much easier to just give the biscuits to Lilicky rather than face the indignity of being tackled by a tiny furball. In his mind he was already charging, though it was more likely that he was just standing there on the tips of his toes waving his little arms in the air in an attempt to get to the biscuit. Only to have the attempt fail and require a rethinking of tactics as he tripped over his tongue before following such an action by rolling back and forth.