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Trelock "Crosswire" Relon - A Farghul


NAME: Trelock Relon

Alias: Crosswire

SPECIES: Farghul

AGE: 27

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'8"

WEIGHT: 175 Lbs

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

[+]Experienced slicer

[+]Quick and silent

[+]Better than average aim

[-]A bit of a klutz and tends to trip over himself when tired, as well as space out. Which doesn't help as he is a bit of an [-] insomniac.

[-] A bit socially awkward

[-]Has anger problems that stem from the loss of his father.

[-]Tends to not trust others very easily, ESPECIALLY Jedi.

[-]...and lets not forget the booze.

Lean and well defined structure fitting his ancestry. Green circuitry exposed on his left forehead. Currently donning tan robe coverings with a hood to keep his circuitry hidden.


Trelock grew up in the slums of Coruscant, pick-pocketing the denizens brave ( or foolish) enough to venture there, turning around to sell said items on the streets to support his family. Soon enough, around the age of 13, he discovered his love of technology.

He first learned from a few of the galaxy's notorious slicers, from the basics of computers, to cracking the most complex of encryption. All this in trade for physical labor working on their star ships. Though he learned the exploits of tech, he mostly used this knowledge to make his own gadgets and computers from scrap components found in trash bins and occasionally from pilfered items.

Two years later, his father died, leaving him alone on the crime filled streets. Being a product of his environment, he furthered his exploits by slicing into and stealing a wreck of a star ship. Nothing fancy but enough to get himself out of the muck and mire of Croissant's seedy underbelly.

Desperate for money, Trelock sold him self out as a slicer for hire accomplishing jobs from smuggling data of secret blueprints, to recovering data in a bay. Trelock, now known as Crosswire in major slicing rings, was offered a job, however the individual didn't have the money to pay. Instead Trelock had cut them a deal. If the customer was to help him land a heist for the company he was working for, namely for an experimental implant that allowed him to interface with technology as fast as one could think. This heist was successful, however, the benefactor had gotten shot in the crossfire. Now, E. Enterprises has put up a bounty for Crosswire.

Because of this, he fled to Nar Shaddaa, having sold the ship on the black market for extra coin.

After many years of exploits and running from his antagonists, he decided to lay low for a while at age 27, settling into Nar Shaddaa, working as a bar tender at The Blades to keep out of the technology world for a while.

SHIP: None at the moment.


Current gear:
Wrist worn computer pad much like a gauntlet capable of interacting with ports and specific motherboards. Used to break encryption and interface with electronics.

Light holdout blaster as to keep from being too conspicuous, hidden up inside his sleeve. Kicks like a mule. -

Vibrosword capable of collapsing down to a medium sized knife with the flick of a switch, hidden behind his robes. -

EVA Armor


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