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Transparency: The First Order

Hello, all.​
I'd just like to begin by stating that transparency within this Order is something I'm going to continually strive to keep; this is a place for all of us, not just a select few, and as a result I feel that keeping you all up to date with things you may otherwise not know about is important.​
Last night we were contacted by the Faction Owner of the First Order, regarding our current thread on Bakura. This staff member was very amicable, and discussed a potential for stories between our two Factions. Which I agreed would make sense, given that Bakura is a First Order controlled world.​
Whether it comes to strife, or diplomatic negotiations, I plan on keeping you all up to date with these discussions, and should a thread arise all will be given a chance to participate if they wish.​
I know that this will interest [member='Sargon Vynea'] if nobody else. He governed Bakura for a very long time before the First Order claimed ownership, so no doubt its well being - and the well being of the Temple he orchestrated the construction of - is of great importance to him.​
Feel free to discuss below. Do you have any worries regarding these discussions? Is there anything you wish to be brought up? Do you have ideas for potential storylines between the two? We already have one tie to the FO through [member='Connor Harrison'], perhaps that could lead somewhere.​
I give you all the floor, speak freely.​
- Asha.​

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