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Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Intent: To create a single procedure to allow the character to experience to up to 30 minutes to an hour of complete rage and transformation into a hulking beast.
Dev thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18924-crafting-a-monster/
Manufacturer: Dr. Marie Krasnican
Production: Unique
Affiliation: Jak Sandrow
Modularity: None
Material: Mutated Rhizobacteria, mutated siderophores, and various mutagens.

Description: The formula injected into Jak Sandrow was designed to to turn him into a hulking brute of a plant monster permanently through a mutated strand of Rhizobacteria and siderophores to latch onto his cells and alter them to grow faster and commit osmosis at an extreme rate to build him into a monster to pit against various foes for the sake of gathering data for her other programs. However upon initial transformation the monster that Jak became eventually shrunk back due to a lack of an ability to maintain and transfer a constant flow of nutrients to the cells. So naturally a mutated strand of siderophores were added to help stimulation and grant the transformation the ability to remain constantly.

Though considered a failure by not having any effect by initial injection the subject was considered killed and dumped into the woods. But this is where they went wrong, the mutated bacteria bonded to his cells on a molecular level and whenever the man is injured greatly the mutated cells spring into action to keep its host alive by doubling the osmosis process to heal him but in the same manner transform him into the beast. While in beast form Jak has no control over his actions and will attack both friend or foe, he becomes nothing more than a monster and has next to no intelligence and is quite vulnerable to high intensity pesticides. The transformation process usually only lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour and shortly after it is finished Jak is highly vulnerable to death due to fatigue and damage and stress taken to his body.
I'm denying this on the following grounds;

Either it's the wrong template or in the wrong place. Please fill out the correct templates/use the correct forums.

This also undermines the integrity of star wars as a roleplay, bringing in aspects of the Marvel Universe, namely the Hulk.

You can second chance if you must.
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