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Amon Garrith

ISB Lieutenant Amon Garrith had left Imperial territory the day he'd heard of the surrender of and subjugation of the formerly glorious Empire. In Amon's eyes such an act was treason in itself, but the entirety of his colleagues had went along with it without so much as a whimper! So he did what he felt he needed to. He cleared out his account and left his apartment, charting his shuttle for Bothawui. Amon had too many standards to submit to Fringe rule or go to Republic Space.

So he went to a former enemy. Seeking shelter with the only other nation rivaling the Republic.

The force sensitive Lt. commed a CIS military vessel as soon as he entered Bothan space.

"This is Lieutenant Amon Garrith, formerly of the Galactic Empire, ISB. I wish to switch sides. I can't stay with those cowards."

Amon shut down his vessel's shields and his weapons as a gesture of good faith.

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