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Training with an Ancient

Atlas Kane

Jedi Temple

A tune could be heard in one of the training grounds in the Jedi Temple on Tython. It was a young man playing a flute, who sat leaning against a wall amidst the ancient buildings that comprised the Temple. The man, called Yasuo, was playing his flute at one of the most isolated and peaceful places on the Temple grounds. Only a few would hear him play, but that wasn't important to the him. The young man was often drawn to calm and peaceful places like this one. There was just something about these places that he liked a lot. Especially if he was about to start training or meditating.

He was waiting here for two people, a padawan called Sochi Ru, who he had already met during a mission on Coruscant, and the Master who just called himself Judas. He knew the latter only briefly, since he had arrived together with the Master on Ossus during the Republic invasion on the planet. He was waiting on them because Judas had promised Sochi Ru and him that he would train them in the sixth Form of Lightsaber Combat. Yasuo already knew the basics of the Form, like the opening stances and two techniques that were used by practitioners of Niman, but he had never really used those except in training. He hoped he would be able to learn more about Niman and maybe even use it in some kind of duel, but it would be for the Master to decide if they were good enough with the basics of Form VI to have a training duel.

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Bilquis Abar

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Sochi of course had always made it a priority to gain some experience. After learning Shien from her master some time ago she had decided to look for a master to train her in Niman. The Master she was going to be learning from had recently arrived at the temple, and she hadn't much time to socialize and get to know him, but today seem like it would be a good time for that. She had also heard of another participating padawan, whom she had worked with briefly before on a mission back on Coruscant.

Hmm the last time she placed a foot on Tython was back when she had training with Master Syn. Where he taught her the Consitor Sato technique. She had been training in that ability since then, but hadn't wanted her combat prowess to deteriorate with her focusing on her force training for a time. She walked into the training ground she was to meet the two in, and she could hear a melody as she got closer. Hmm, it would seem it was @[member="Yasuo"] whom had already made it here before herself, and their proceeding Master.

"Greetings Padawan Yasuo, Its been quite some time since we've spoken last. How goes the rest of your training?" she asked him softly as she slowly approached. Her long brown robes trailing behind her.
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