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Training the Trianii (Lightsaber training w/Daella Apparine)


Tattersong windmilled his arms, then stretched from side to side, finishing his warm-up. He stood in the center of the arena, across from the Jedi Knight who stood a full foot shorter than the 6'5" Trianii, but 'Song knew full well that size meant little when it came to the Force. His old Master had shown him that the first day they were together.

Taking a deep breath, 'Song bowed to the Knight, then took his lightsaber hilt in his left hand and awaited her instructions.

@[member="Daella Apparine"]
With a seemingly unamused face, Daella looked at her lightsaber and adjusted a nob on it. Doing so would have reduced the power of her usually lethal weapon to the point that it would be just as a training saber - which seemed to be the standard weapon for Jedi Padawans until they created their own lightsaber.

Then, she looked up and at @[member="Tattersong"]'s face. She stepped forward with her lightsaber in her right hand. She allowed her arm to hand forward and toward the ground as she ignited her yellow blade.

"To the first strike," informed Daella with a flat tone, as normal sparring rules stated that elimination was only after three strikes.

"When you're ready," she then said.


'Song wasn't sure if Daella had been told he'd already constructed his lightsaber and begun training under his former master, but it made no difference. It had been a long time since he'd trained against someone with any lightsaber skill at all, and could easily have hurt himself or his partner had he brought it with him. Instead he ignited the blade on the training saber and dropped his hips, lowering his center of gravity, his prehensile tail flicking out behind him to aid his balance.

The Trianii began by circling to the left, holding his 'saber in a defensive guard in his left hand, his right pulled in at chest level. Suddenly he lunged forward, directing the point of his blade at Daella's chest, then just as suddenly withdrew the feint and cut to her right shoulder, right thigh, and right shoulder again.

@Daella Apparine
With her eyes locked onto @[member="Tattersong"], Daella kept her blade pointed at the Padawan as he circled around. When he lunged forward, Daella pulled her lightsaber up and grasped it with both hands. She held it vertically and pointed upward.

Before Tattersong revealed his feint, it appeared as if Daella was in position to swat away his blade as it aimed for her chest. Yet when the path of his blade shifted toward her right shoulder, Daella acted quickly. She swung her lightsaber upward so that Tattersong’s blade would be directed just above her shoulder. Then as Tattersong attempted to cut Daella’s right leg, she simply rotated her wrists and moved her arm slightly down to push his blade to her right and away from her leg.

Then when Tattersong attempted to cut her right shoulder again, Daella acted to fully counter his attack. She swung her lightsaber up once more. Contact was made with Tattersong’s blade to push it up in order to avoid her shoulder. At the same time, she bent her knees so that she would duck down. Her arms continued to push upward to keep Tatterson’s saber at the same level. Daella moved her right foot back just slightly.

Finally, Daella slid her lightsaber across Tattersong’s saber so that Tattersong’s blade was close to the crossguard of her lightsaber. Moving her wrists, she brought her left hand down while pushing the right hand up. This causes her saber ‘s blade to rotate. She kept putting resistance against Tattersong’s lightsaber, though. Then with one more twitch of her wrist, Daella’s blade moved toward the right side of Tattersong’s neck - if just to touch it.


Tattersong continued to use his strength to keep @Daella Apparine's blade from connecting for several more seconds, but she clearly had leverage on her side. So 'Song pushed once more, hard, just before her blade connected with his neck, then suddenly went slack, dropping and spinning while binding the training 'saber's blade away. The Trianii's tail provided additional balance as he spun, then moved several steps from the Jedi, his right hand extended, palm-up in a defensive stance as he circled her.

"Verra nice," he said by way of compliment in his deep, accented voice. "Ye nearly had me there." 'Song didn't wait for a reply, but instead extended his blade in a deep lunge, aiming for Daella's midsection. He followed this up with a quick chopping strike to her head, stepping in as he did so to turn and drive an elbow into her stomach.
When @[member="Tattersong"] lunged at Daella, she stepped with her right foot forward and to the left. Her legs crossed for a second, yet Daella moved forward by a foot and to her left by several. At the same time, she swung out forward and to her right with her lightsaber. She released the grip of her left hand on it just a second before doing so. She kept the lightsaber relatively vertical compared to the ground as she slashed it out. Her right hand was level with her shoulder. As a result, her yellow lightsaber made brief contact with Tattersong’s training saber. She also lifted up her left arm with her hand at the same height as her head. Her eyes drifted toward the ground near Tattersong’s feet.

In effect, Daella did not need to push Tattersong’s lightsaber away to escape him stabbing her abdomen. Daella had moved out of the way and used her lightsaber to prevent Tattersong from correcting his training saber’s path.

When Tattersong began to attempt his overhead chop, Daella twisted her hips and pivoted on her right foot. She sharply stepped forward with her left leg - uncrossing them. As Tattersong swung his training saber down on Daella’s head, she thrust her right hand up along with her left. She kept the hilt of her lightsaber on the right side of her body due to Tattersong holding his training saber with his left hand. She held her lightsaber above her head, giving herself clearance once Tattersong’s training saber pounded against the half of the plasma blade closer to the hilt and cross guard.

As soon as Daella’s yellow blade made contact with Tattersong’s saber, Daella pushed off her bent left leg. This pushed her body to her right as Tattersong’s elbow rushed for her abdomen. At the same time, Daella shifted her right elbow up and left elbow to the right. Her moved her hands accordingly. Daella continued to push against Tattersong’s saber to prevent it from coming down on her - and she would have had the advantage of using both arms against one.

Yet the result of her shift her elbow would have allowed Daella to pivot her lightsaber on Tattersong’s once more. This time, the lightsaber’s tip rotated down and into the path of the elbow - either that, or it would touch Tattersong’s upper arm anyway. Tattersong’s training saber could slash downward, yet Daella had already moved to the right far enough to avoid a strike in that method. It also might have slashed into his elbow. Tattersong could have also pushed against Daella’s lightsaber, yet that would have pushed it to his arm faster. There were other options, though, yet surely Tattersong executing the strike any further would result in Daella’s lightsaber making contact.


Finding his training 'saber bound, Tattersong continued the downward motion of his strike, allowing it to slide off of @Daella Apparine's deft parry before stepping out of contact again. He paid close attention to her movements, trying to learn from the Knight as he sparred. At the same time, he fought the urge to add his shockboxing training to the duel. While he felt he could likely overpower the Jedi with fists, kicks and takedowns, that wasn't the point of this session. He had come to continue the lightsaber training that had been denied him more than two years ago with the death of his old Master. Still, that didn't mean he couldn't emply a trick or two.

'Song took two steps forward, his blade extended, then Force Leapt upwards, aiming to come down atop Daella. As the Jedi attempted to move out of distance the Trianii extended his arm, hoping for a quick touch before she was clear.
OOC: It would probably be in your best interest to focus on the detail of your character’s actions. That would help to make your character’s actions more clearly to those he duels against - such as myself.

As @[member="Tattersong"] leaped into the air, Daella’s eyes followed. She kept both hands on the hilt of her lightsaber. When the massive cat began to fall, Daella stood her ground. She raised her lightsaber above her head once more. She kept the blade horizontal with the tip pointing to her right.

Then once Tattersong reached within a couple feet of Daella, the Jedi Knight took a sharp step to the right. She swung out her lightsaber with the intent to just touch upon Tattersong’s, no matter the position of it. It would prevent Tattersong from swinging it toward Daella and making contact.

Since Tattersong used gripped his training saber with his left hand and Daella took a step to her right, Tattersong would have to extend his free hand across his body to attempt to touch her. Not only that, but as Tattersong continued to fall, Daella continued to move to her right. She rotated her lightsaber around his blade in order to keep her own blade between her body and his.

The end result once Tattersong’s feet touched the ground was that Daella was to his left with her lightsaber vertical compared to the ground. Her body faced an orthogonal direction compared to the direction Tattersong.

Finally, Daella pushed off her left foot and moved to her right. She continued to press her lightsaber against Tattersong’s blade as she dragged it down the blade. Eventually, Daella’s lightsaber would have come to Tattersong’s hilt and his arms. As she continued to move through Tattersong, the lightsaber blade might have also touched his torso.