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Tracyn Ordo


Blessed are the peacemakers
NAME: Tracyn Ordo
RANK: Jedi Knight
AGE: 27
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
EYES: Icy gray
HAIR: Light brown, was formerly light tan.
SKIN: Tanned


+Extremely adept hand to hand combatant, training ranging from Mandalorian to Echani to some Teras Kasi.​
+Very good at wetwork like operations.
+Speaks Concordian, Mando'a and Basic.​
+Is an extremely adept at war and combat, will not go down easily.
+Former Mandalorian Super Commando, with all the training and knowledge thereof.
+ Good with combat against multiple enemies, making him a powerful asset in key battles involving infantry.
-Has a deep-seated and nearly unquenchable bloodlust and rage
-Not too good with force combat.​
-Is far too blunt, can someones just be an nerf herder.​
-Can sometimes lose restraint.​
- Has lost most of his connection with the galaxy after the death of his wife, @Asha Seren.

A small ship, with two ion cannons and nothing particularly special about it, Tracyn doesn't exactly go for extreme modifications on his vessel.
Tracyn's early life is shrouded in secrecy, and rather off-limits to those. Even his wife only knew small bits of information about his early life, but what little information he has revealed has painted a nasty picture of neglect and abuse, and has created a deep well of anger within Tracyn that has yet to be answered.​
Tracyn became cold and distant for a long time after the death of Cazer, until finally becoming disillusioned with the Jedi to the point that he left, without a trace. And for a long time, Tracyn disappeared, with no hope of finding him other than small ripples in the force that he left here and there, but wherever he went, there was a lot of anger that followed with him. The anger was soon weaponized and he found himself back in the ranks of the Mandalorians, however his unique set of abilities and natural combat ability made him catch the attention of several Super Commandos, and after the Coruscant job, Tracyn was gifted the title of Ori'ramikade, and thrust into several intense missions, including one where he famously took on sixteen Mandalorians armed only with a rifle and mowed them down. He also, during this time period, frequently bedded and caused many personal problems by having numerous one-night-stands with several notable people, such as Circe and some famous Senators. However these were momentary distractions from the anger, loneliness and bitterness that Tracyn felt.​
After a long while of...mischief, Tracyn met @[member="Asha Seren"]. She found him wounded after his bout with @[member="Velok"] in a cave, after he more or less wondered back to Tython where he intended to rot away and die, but she managed to convince him of the value of life and to live. They were shortly married after a brief courtship, and had two sons, Cassus and @[member="Kobe Ordo-Seren"], but Cassus was kidnapped at the hospital by Kaine Zambrano, and Tracyn has been on a relentless quest to find his son for the past several years, though he has no idea of the horrors that Zaine has inflicted upon his son.​
Tracyn has recently more or less left @[member="Kobe Ordo-Seren"] in the care of @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"], unable to both search for Cassus and properly take care of his son.​
Beat the living crap out of @[member="Velok"] once.

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