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Touch down in the middle of the...meadow?

Brooke Waters

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There was a whole lot of this galaxy that the young girl hadn’t seen yet. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing anything, and really, she was going to have to figure her own life out shortly. Sure, she was heir to her father’s shipping company, and she could make money from that, and just live off of it, but that wasn’t good for her. She wasn’t really one for much forethought.

And that was why she was having to land on… what world was it? Lunar Meadow? Well, that didn’t sound so bad. Hopefully they had fuel, or a place for her to wait when she called for a refueling ship to save her.

See, that was typical Token. Maybe she should have called up Sindy to see if the other blonde wanted to come. Besides, Dr. Aerin was good at repairing stuff, right? Engineer and all that. She could hope, really. Still, right now there weren’t many options open to her aside from land and figure it out.

Touching her Riptide, DeepWater Mon Cal shuttle down outside one of the towns, she shrugged. It seemed quaint! There wasn’t anything wrong here, right? It was a tiny little down. Still, she might be too… core-dressed? It wasn’t like she couldn’t not change, but she liked her outfit. She made her way through the streets. If there wasn’t a fueling station, she’d need to find some place with holonet uplink, or go back to her ship.

Maybe just one drink? Where was she going?

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