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Toria Sarkoni

Toria Sarkoni

Master Slaver
osted 11 November 2013 - 01:01 AM


NAME: Toria Sarkoni aka Reactor
FACTION: Hutt Cartel
RANK: Master Slaver
AGE: Unknown
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: Believed to be about 5'5"
WEIGHT:believed to be about 98 lbs
EYES: Believed to be hazel
HAIR: Blue lekku
SKIN: Blue skin
FORCE SENSITIVE: Highly Force Sensitive (isn't aware of it)


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Emotionless: Her emotions are always in check and seems to not have empathy or be held to emotions

Attitude: She has a bad attitude and distrusts as well as loathes authority

Jedi: her hatred of the jedi is a weakness since she can't seem to let something go about her past, this can be held against her if the truth is revealed.


Stolen Jedi Shuttle.


Toria grew up to abusive parents, her dad had done things to her that were unnatural and very sadistic, as she was raised around abuse she started to not have feelings for others; as she grew she often would find ways to act out, at the age of twelve she murdered her father and mother in cold blood and escaped the planet they were living, when she left she joined a pirate outfit and began to be trained and used as a slaver, she quickly grew to the title of master slaver and from there launched her own slaving business, ever since she has been a success and has earned millions of credits a month.

(sorry this is so short, not much to tell as of yet)

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