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Approved Tech TOMAS Class Automaton

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Salvage Empire

Image Source : JCTB-Infinity

Intent: To provide a conductor/engineer for the HALCYON train systems.

Development Thread: None, but could be done.

Manufacturer: Kesh-Rimma Droidworks and Salvage

Model: TOMAS Class Automaton

Affiliation: Proprietary to Silk Holdings

Modularity: Minor ; can be programmed and updated to keep up with new routes and HALCYON technology.

Production: Mass Produced

Material: Durasteel


The TOMAS-Class Automaton has been designed with one thing in mind : to control the HALCYON train system. TOMAS is responsible for piloting the HALCYON system, keeping the vessels running on time and on the correct course. Very limited in their function range as they were designed for a specific purpose, TOMAS automatons tend to be quirky in personality, with a sly humor presenting itself when regular maintenance is ignored. Bipedal, the automatons are roughly the height of a human female with slightly hunched shoulders, a result of manufacturing to reduce the wear and tear on bearings due to the droid staring down at control panels often.

Duties Performed by TOMAS automatons :
-Keeping HALCYON on schedule
-Controlling movements/speed of the HALCYON vessel
-Carrying out running repairs
-Picking up rolling stock within Silk Holdings
-Ensuring all sections and cargo are picked up and dropped off properly
-Threat Analysis : Ensuring the route is clear of danger. TOMAS is programmed to recognize internal and external threats as well as environmental dangers. Regular updates are required in order to keep the threat analysis current and well functioning.

Classification: Third Degree

Weight: 90 kilos

Height: 1.6 meters

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: None

Misc. Equipment: Broadband antenna, Droid Search Scope(Type 2), Ionization buffer, Translation unit, minor repair arm.
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