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Togashi Yokuni (Garith Darkhold) ~whip~

Birth Name: Togashi Yokuni
Other Name Used in the Past 1: Garith Darkhold
Another Name Used in the Past and Present: Darth Shinigami (Always in a Sith mask and robes while in this persona)

Faction: Lords of the Fringe, The Artisian Empire, and not officially part of the Mandalorian Empire.
Rank: Master / Yovshin Noble

Species: Atrsisan (Kashi)
Age: 982 y
Sex: Male
Height: 5’9

Physical Build: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Light Coffee Color
Force Sensitive: Yes, very

Strength and Weaknesses:
+ Sith Juggernaut, adept at shrugging off uncanny amounts of damage. Yokuni is not singly minded focused like the Sith Juggernauts in Star Wars the Old Republic and is able to use a host of other Force Skills not mentioned in the juggernaut link.
- Honor: Lawful Evil, once given his word Garith would not break it the oath given. Good luck getting his oath, sometimes...
- Alcoholism: Garith is addict and he loves his whiskey. The weaknesses of being an alcoholic should be self explanatory to everyone here.


The Gulag Virus – An Atrsisan noble with the name and of Admiral Togashi Yokuni of the Imperial Fourth Fleet is cut off from his home world of Atrsisia.

Between then and now – During this course in his life Togashi Yokuni took on new live and new identities. The Mandalorian name Garith Darkhold. A Sith Lord always seen in a dark black robe and a Sith mask named Darth Shinigami. Mutable life times that were only capable through the use of Transfer Life and possessing specially clone versions of him.

The Here and Now - the Borders of Atrsisa has been reopened and Togashi Yokuni has come home.

(This is still a work in progress. Garith Darkhold’s history is extensive and has been roll played on more then on board for nearly a decade, wait it was early 2000 when I started to rp him, so it could have been a decade or mores since I have been rping him. I wanted very much to include everyone Garith has known IC and that make writing up his bio even more complected. Include the fact I had to make some slight changes for Chaos because of the unquie time line. This bio is still a slow work of progress until I slowly fill in details over time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.)

Braith Achlys

I think you should forget about those Mandalorians and stick with us, [member="Garith Darkhold"]. In fact, thread with me. Forget about the Mando.