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To Rule Time


All Relative
The smell of cloves hung thin on the room above a layer of lavender energy. Trailing from a small table positioned neatly beneath a window of stained glass, smoke traveled from the end of a cigarette fastened in a short, glossy holder, which Vereshin rakishly held between his teeth. The Sith Lord sat in a meditative trance when the squeak of the door alerted him to the arrival of his accomplice.

"Leave us." With a wave of his black fingernails, he dismissed the Imperial guards stationed in the cathedral in Voss-ka. Following the domination of the world by the Empire, the sorcery sect took it upon themselves to secure temples and sites of knowledge for themselves. Wearing a cravat centered with a crystal pin, he sat with his lace-up shoes apart and the collar of his coat exaggerating his shoulders.

"Welcome, Knight Idaeus." Without turning his head, Vereshin heard the young man enter and brought the teacup sitting in front of him to his white lips. He rose from his feet and stood before the knight, the cigarette holder balancing between his fingers. Extending a pallid hand forward, Vereshin slid his black nails beneath the chin of Saewon and offered him a chance to bow. As he pulled his hand away, the older Sith parted his lips and revealed a smile of black teeth.

"Sit down if you like." Vereshin gestured towards the table, where another teacup and saucer were placed before the seat opposite himself. Once Saewon was acquainted, he sat back down, the line of his back perfectly straight as he rested the cigarette on the side of an ashtray and took another sip of the lusty Assam. "I trust you understand the basic outline of the task you are expected to undertake." The Sith Lord began as he held the teacup and saucer at the level of his chest.

"You are to accompany me in the infiltration of a prophetic cult here on Voss." Sipping the tea, Vereshin smoothed back his hair and placed the cup back on the saucer with a clang. "By doing so, we shall turn the seer abilities of the mystics dwelling within against them and acquire a new set of subjects for my research." He explained as he set the teacup back on the table, then plucked the cigarette holder again. "Along the course of this mission, I will teach you the art of foresight." The Sith Lord concluded.

"I will be acting as a diplomat representing the Sith Empire and you will be my Voss escort." There was a pause as Vereshin allowed Saewon to commit the information to memory. "You will be entrusted with securing my entrance into the temple." With a sly wink, Vereshin took another sip of the tea. The young knight's skill as a shapeshifter was commendable and would no doubt prove useful on the mission. Vereshin, however, was more interested in the Voss ability to see through time.

[member="Saewon Idaeus"]
Saewon made sure that he wasn't late to his meeting with the Sorcerer, that would in fact be incredibly rude and ultimately dangerous thing to do- a mistake that would no doubt lead to some trouble down the road, something he wasn't going to do. Instead Saewon arrived at the cathedral a few minutes early, and well he hoped that he wasn't interrupting anything important at this moment in time. Assuming the fairest form that he could place on Saewon pushed the squeaking door opened, and waited for the guards to leave before he said anything. "Good evening Lord Vereshin" Saewon dipped his head in respect and watched the guards leave the room. At least he didn't need to worry about the guards if things went south. The deceiver was always one who desired to look excellent and perfect, and so he made sure that his attire reflected his beauty and 'noble' nature. For that reason Saewon wore purple almost translucent cloak with no shirt, jew and amulets decorated his exposed neck and chest- then below he wore a matching skirt that dragged behind him.

The Sith Lord's fingers felt cold against his chin, Saewon eyes flared up with anger, but he didn't say nothing. Instead the deceiver took the hint and knelt before the Sith Lord before him, "It is an honor to be in your presence My Lord" his words slipped from his mouth like honey, but it was filled with hidden poison. One of theses days the position will change, that Saewon could promise. Saewon turned his attention to the seat that Vereshin gestured to, and with confidence he took it. Taking a moment to get ride of any crease that started to form onto his beautiful clothing, Saewon waved the tea cup away, before setting his gaze on Vereshin. "Yes. I understand that my task is to get you into the prophetic cult, and use my natural talent to shape-shift in order to do so" he stated blatantly, he crossed one leg over another. Saewon leaned into the chair that he was siting in, and clasped his hands together as he listened to Vereshin words.

Saewon didn't mind the other male's plan but he couldn't help but wonder why would they let a man like Vereshin in? Granted he will assume the form of one of the Voss priest, but still letting a man who has visibly been subjected to that amount of dark side energy- wouldn't it be a little unwise? Should he mention his concern? Or should he simply stay quiet? "With due respect my Lord. Wouldn't you think that your magnification immersion in the dark side, be somewhat of a concern to the Voss?" he paused for a moment before continuing "Even if I was to assume the fair form of a Voss, and get you in. Having such a visibly strong immersion in the dark side, would set off some warning signs. Meaning that we would be watched more so" He pointed out, and hoped that Vereshin didn't take his words as offensive. "But. I will secure your entrance into the temple, that I will promise you- but what if things turn south?" he asked twiddling his thumbs in boredom.



All Relative
The beautiful young Knight entered with a polite nod of his head, speaking to Vereshin in a polite tone which hovered above his poisonous essence. A trick the Sith Lord knew all too well. Splaying out his white fingers, he greeted Saewon with a sly smile and a gesture of his hand, motioning for the young man to sit down. Although Saewon's taste in attire differed greatly from Vereshin's own, he appreciated a fellow enthusiast of all things beautiful. The Sith Lord's own version of such things could only be described as morbid.

"Please, call me Vi." While Vereshin appreciated the use of his formal title, he did not mind lower ranking Sith referring to him by his nickname. As he sat down, he raised an eyebrow in response to Saewon refusing the cup of tea and maintained his guard for any further displays of impudence. The knight spoke directly, almost emphasizing that he did not need the details of the mission to be repeated.

After another sip of tea, Vereshin held the cigarette holder at a rakish angle in his mouth, this time blowing smoke directly into Saewon's face as he pointed out the gap in the Sith Lord's plan which he had failed to mention. As the knight explained his concern, Vereshin waved a finger in the air and in an instant, the seething presence which emanated from his body muted. His signature completely dulled, he appeared no more recognizable than a politician who could not use the Force. Any malicious intentions were undetectable and the Voss would not be able to read his thoughts.

"This cult is expecting a diplomat from the Sith discuss terms of peace." Vereshin said as he rested his elbow on the table. "What they do not expect is the Sith turning on them." Discarding the cigarette in an ashtray, he rose to his feet and prepared to leave with Saewon. "Keeping them convinced for the entirety of the mission is not necessary, as the temple will be under the control of the Empire by the time we make our exit." The Sith Lord did not reveal his intention to destroy the minds of those within the temple before Saewon and himself left. Even if the Voss did suspect that Vereshin was a Sith, they would be lost to his his ritual by the end.

Standing by Saewon, Vereshin left the cathedral with the Knight following surely behind. Waiting for them outside was a sleek, black limousine and an Imperial guard holding the door open. Sliding in the left and sitting under the right window, Vereshin smoothed down the front of his cravat and waited for Saewon to join him. The guard closed the door and sat in the front seat, beside the driver. Few words were exchanged between the two Sith as the speeder drove to the site of the temple.

"Prepare your illusions, meditate as you will." With his illusions in the Force still holding strong, Vereshin exited from one side and beheld the entrance of the temple. He allowed Saewon a moment to prepare, appreciating that all Sith had their own means of meditations. Vereshin had already revitalized himself with a cup of tea and a cigarette. From a distance away, several Voss emerged from the front of the temple, which Vereshin approached once Saewon had appropriately altered his form.

[member="Saewon Idaeus"]
Saewon figured that his average manipulation techniques wouldn't work with this Sith Lord. So, he decided that the best way to deceive someone like Vereshin would be by telling him the truth, or at least a version of the truth. But, currently at the time Saewon could see no reason to deceive the sorcerer, and decided that he would 'hold back' his sharp tongue until later. He raised an eyebrow when the other made the comment to call him by a nickname, personally Saewon would like to keep things formal between the two, for that reason he would still refer to the Sith as 'Lord'. "Of course, though I must admit it will feel weird referring to you in such a relaxed manner" Saewon made a small attempt to make a lighten the mood, and create a small pitiless joke- though it was dry and bland. Being someone who didn't like to enter into an affair without having some sort of plan, Saewon made sure that he understood what was required, and even then he played out some scenarios in his mind before hand. Either way, Saewon was definitely prepared for what was ahead of him, but of course he was always weary for anything.

Waving a hand Saewon fought against the smoke that was so rudely blown into his face, he couldn't understand why a Sith Lord like Vereshin would enjoy such a mundane substances, but at the moment or time he wasn't going to question the other about his enjoyment in such bland habit. Saewon managed to remain calm when the Sith Sorcerer twirled his finger in the air, and that was when he noticed that Vereshin presences seemed to have ultimately disappeared. "Such deception- I say you do know how to woo someone" with that the deceiver rose from his chair, "I am sure that my illusions and deceptions can fool them. Tell me would we get the change to play? I haven't had a good work out in a long time" with that he rose from his chair, and ran a hand through his long blond hair- he followed Vereshin out the Cathedral and outside to the sleek, black limousine. Thanking the guard for holding the door for them, Saewon joined Vereshin in the limousine, and remained quiet for most of the trip.

While he was in the car Saewon gathered his strength to him while also reducing his presences within the dark side, and during all of this he was murmuring some personal mantra- that held little to no meaning to anyone else other than Saewon. When he felt that he had gathered enough strength Saewon changed his form into that of an Voss Priest, but sense his clothes couldn't change with him, Saewon was forced to use the force to create a projection onto himself. One in which he would weary the appropriate attire for a Voss Priest, or at least what was needed for this mission. When everything was said and done Saewon stepped out of the limo and walked with Vereshin to the group of several Voss that had gathered- almost immediately he took a few steps in front of Vereshin, as if he was guiding him. He greeted them in a formal manner, one that was expected.


All Relative
The smoke settled on the air before Vereshin's pursed lips, allowing him to feel the distaste lingering on Saewon's presence. Polite when it suited him and repulsive when displeased, the Sith Lord switched his mood like a performer choosing masks as they suited his performance, always using courtesy as the default excuse to do whatever he wanted. When Saewon complimented his skill in altering his Force signature, the veins in the ends of Vereshin's thin lips stretched into a smile, not of gratitude, rather approval.

"The performance changes as our audience makes their applause." In a cryptic manner, Vereshin explained that the disguises utilized by both Saewon and himself would only change if the Voss turned against them, thus sealing their fate for a dismal end.

Discarding the cigarette in the ashtray, he rose to his feet and lead Saewon to the limousine. They entered on either side, before a guard who closed the doors and sat in the front seat. When the speeder car arrived at the temple, Vereshin allowed the Knight a moment to prepare his illusions, while exiting out of the opposite side. Smoothing out his cravat, he straightened his coat, then turned around and beheld the beautiful form which Saewon had taken.

"Beautiful." With his hands held out, Vereshin spoke with mystified awe, genuinely impressed by the young knight's ability.

The Sith Lord and his younger associate turned around and walked towards the temple, while Vereshin maintained the hold over his Force signature. With little effort, he would appear a harmless diplomat, dormant in the Force and untouched by the Dark Side. He held one hand behind his back and walked with his posture perfectly straight, placing one tiny foot delicately in front of the next. Four Voss mystics met them outside of the temple, to whom Vereshin bowed accordingly.

"My Lords, I am honored to discuss terms of peace with your establishment." Vereshin extended his hands into the air and spoke in a silken voice, every syllable lilting off his refined accent. The Voss turned to one another and exchanged whispers at first, before turning around to face Vereshin and his faux escort.

"Our temple welcomes you, Professor Sabek, please join us inside of the catacombs where we can discuss things more intimately." The first mystic spoke, having believed the disguises of the Sith and turned around, leading Vereshin and Saewon into the temple. The other Voss surely followed. Walking beneath the entrance, the melody of a stringed instrument welcomed the ears of Vereshin, who walked ahead of Saewon and followed the Voss into the shadows.

[member="Saewon Idaeus"]