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To Ride Upon the Sun

Like Lightning
This was quite different from what I would have liked. However, I needed to be able to fit in, and not seem like some lost and helpless person. Dressed in a set of Jedi robes, I shifted them around time and time again. I have no clue how men could wear these. I didn't have the lower parts they did, and it was riding up on me. My chest was large enough to fill out the tunic, at the expense of feeling like someone was trying to find out if I had cancer. Eventually finding a happy-medium with how I was dressed, It was Valia who stood next to me. Speaking to me as though I were some imbecile.

"You know that the form of dress you are wearing is not needed?"
"For once, I would not like to stick out. That includes the sword."
"You need a weapon though?"
"My lightsaber should suffice."
"When did you learn how to use one of those?"
"A long time ago. Considering many use them on a day to day basis, it will allow me to blend in a little more."
"All of this for what?"

I didn't answer the woman. I didn't feel like I needed to. Yes, while one of my followers was questioning me, it was because she was worried that I would get myself into a situation I would otherwise not be able to. However, I had a feeling I would be fine. Walking down the ramp, the man who was already fueling the ship looked at me with wide eyes. Giving him a stare, he looked away rather quickly from me. Yes, the clothing accentuated my form, but not in the way I wanted.

Thinking back to the information given to me, this planet, named Darada was quite different. Not quite city like, nor farms, or even just a wasteland. It was kind of a mix of all three to be honest. Some of it was different than the rest. It showed a diversity that matched to Exocron quite well. With that in mind, I moved outward from the Starport, and made my way down the street. Headed towards one of the nearest pubs.
Like Lightning
While I headed into the doors of the pub, I got a few faces to turn to me as I entered. Mostly those closest to the door, and the bartender. I took a moment to look around. A door in the back to the bathroom, two doors on the right side of the bartender. One to allow access to the bar, the other to allow back into the kitchen. Otherwise, the only other door was the one I just walked through. Moving in to sit at the bar, closest to the door itself, I prepared myself should I have to leave in a moment's notice. Sitting down, I leaned against the bar and waited for the bartender to take his time in reaching me. Currently he was handing out plates of food to a couple, and then refilled another man's drink.

In that time, I noticed that the man was a hard worker. Shoes were breaking on him, and his pants were a little wet from washing dishes or spilling something on himself. Sleeves rolled up so he wouldn't get wet, or have his clothing get in the way. Making his way to me, he asked in a hurried breath his typical response.

"What can I get ya today ma'am?"
"I actually have a question for you."
"Uh sure.. Go ahead."
"I am here visiting some friends and I am not sure where this place is at. First time I have been here and all."
"Oh sure! Where is it you need to go?"

Looking around a moment, I then settled down and just looked at the man.

"Honestly, I am not sure myself. I was just told that they would be here waiting for me, and well... they aren't."
"Oh... well I can't be of much service as I am stuck behind the bar at the moment."
"Do you know if someone else could show me where I am supposed to go?"

The man himself looked around now. leaning in a bit and keeping his voice low but still loud enough to still look like we were talking, and not trying to hide something.

"Not a lot of your kind around here. Might get you into some trouble if you aren't careful on who you pick."
"Well, this may seem forward, but when do you get off? You could show me then?"
"Miss, As much as I would love to do that, I am kind of busy."
"I know you are. I would pay you for your time. No need to take you away from your work if it wasn't going to be profitable."

The young man thought about it for a moment. Even continuing to work by using a wet washcloth to clean out a glass that had been sitting right side up on the table with remains of some kind of liquor that was now gone. He had some serious thought about it before nodding his head and setting the glass down.

"Give me about an hour. If you'd like, hang out or I can get you a drink?"
"Just water, and sir... thank you."

The man smiled at my thanks and quickly got me a simple glass of water as he went about his work. Once more, doing his job and taking his time in making sure that the job was done right, but still being fast enough to get the job done in a timely fashion. Even while I was sitting here, he continued to come over and refill my glass of water without me asking. His watchful eye was on everyone that he was taking care of at the bar. Even when someone called out for a refill from the tables, he would look inside the kitchen and call out refills for the tables. While it was not his fault for being stuck behind the bar, he did his job well.

Soon enough, a new man walked into the bar and was giving him a clap on the back. Talking about how was the day so far, and then taking the towel from his hand and working on the bar himself. The man I spoke to earlier, left the bar and seemed to just leave. However, it was when he appeared beside me with his hand held out for a handshake.

"Aaron. And yours miss?"
Like Lightning
Aaron smiled just a bit as he shook my hand. He had a firm grip and it was likewise returned to him. What surprised me was the first words out of his mouth.

"Named after the planet huh?"
"Uh not really."

In truth, My religion stated that the planet had been named after me, however, I was conflicted with telling the man this. So I just kept my mouth shut. Despite this, he indicated the front door and began to walk himself out. Wanting me to follow him. Standing up from my seat, I followed the man out of the pub and watched as he then lit a cigarra before turning back to me.

"So what is it that you are looking for exactly?"
"I was told that my friend lived here, and well... not sure on where she lives. Would likely be somewhere secluded or hiding in plain sight."
"I think I know just the place."
"Used to be a Jedi praxium here and every once in a while, a few strangers will go there searching for their so-called friends. With your attire, I can only assume that this is a pilgrimage that you are partaking in as well."
​"You are quite impressionable."
"Working as a bartender, and a thief can do that for yah."
"I know the feeling."
"Bad past life?"
"More like lives."

The look I received from him made me crack a smile. A face that questioned all of reality, and its aspects. Shaking my head, I indicated for us to continue walking onwards.

"Long story short, I had a couple problems with my mind during the Netherworld incident."
"Well good on you for surviving. I was still a teen when that happened."

The man really was young, yet carried himself to a much higher standard than he should. He grew up fast, and on his own from the looks of it. Yet, he turned out quite well. While I did still keep a hold of my possessions, I didn't fear him. While he was not untrustworthy, I just always took precautions. Turning around the corner of the street, he pointed out a building.

"That is the place. I will go ahead and take my leave now."
"Do you fear what is within?"
"Nah. Just that every time someone has walked in there, I don't remember seeing them again. While I can only assume they have gotten out, I wouldn't chance it."
"A thief, but not a gambling one."
"Oh I gamble, just not with my life."
"Well, if you wish to join me, you may do so. If it makes you feel any better, I will take point."

The man took a few moments. Staring at me and seeing if I was being truthful. Looking me over and then the building. Shrugging his shoulders, he unfastened his jacket to show a hidden sidearm that he carried. A good place to put one if any.

"Consider me interested."