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To Meet a Ginger

Tatooine: Mos Eisley

Shepherd looked back at his ship and whistled, he always admired how good it looked. He would make his way into Mos Eisley walking past some troops and police forces but he just gave a slight nod not caring to much. He bee-lined towards the Cantina there to get a drink and perhaps find some trouble.

He walked in slowly and made his way to the bar, only a few sideways glances but nothing too bad, which means no one here wanted to kill him today, always a plus. He looked at his holster making sure he had everything just in case of a fight but he didn't feel like he would see one that day.

He looked at the bartender and waved him over. "Corellian Ale." He would say in a deep voice as he waited to be served he would glance around the bar scanning over the people a little before finally his drink arrived and he sipped at it relaxing and resting his forearms on the bar.

[member="Delila Castillon"]
[member="John Shepherd"] | Tatooine

Heat and harsh sun wasn't the friend of a ginger.

Delila had dressed in layers upon layers, her head wrapped in a blue-and-gold scarf to keep the sun from causing even more freckles to break out across her skin. There was little choice to her being on the planet. Drifting around from job to job didn't exactly mean she got to be picky about the what and where. Worn boots carried her across sandwashed stone, across the landing pads and docking bays into a dark building.

She was all but 'snowblind' from being outside, eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness. Moving to the side, scarf was brought off to the top of her head, letting the fabric bunch around her neck. A bar. Shoulders shrugged, unsure if she wanted to bother looking for work inside. Typical offers to kill some local territory holder or drug dealer were typically the only things available in these joints.

Delila chose a barstool in her own corner, away from everyone. Credchip went on the bartop, sliding to the bartender.

"Cheapest beer you have."
He would watch the strange girl walk in, dressed in the most revealing of clothing's... Nope that was the holo-dancer. But as his eyes were drifted away he would really see the ginger, or what he could see of her. The scarf and the very bundled up appearance gave away a lot, she must not want to be seen, or really prone to light, or both. She must be a she because she's too fine to be a he. Oh how he prayed it to be a she. He kept his eyes on her as she immediately made her way to a private section of the bar, when he ginger locks fell out he almost ran over then, but he was strong in the ways of restraint and held his chair for reassurance. He kept his eye on the woman until finally she laid some credits down. Now he got up confidently and walked over to her and would sit next to her and putting more chips on top of hers.

"Make that the most expensive thing you have if you would please sir."

[member="Delila Castillon"]
[member="John Shepherd"]


Delila gently moved the credchip off her own and pushed it back to her new neighbor. Bartender came back confused, ready to pop the top on one of his more top-tier beers. Seeing a lack of extra credits, cheap beer came back out, the metal top scattering across the wooden bartop. There was a long sip before she placed the drink back down, condensation already rolling down the sides.

"Thanks but no thanks. Save your credits for the half-naked hologirl."
He would slightly raise a brow. He wasn't flirting, yet, all he had done was offer to spend a little more on a drink then the little amount she had there. He decided to shrug it off and glance at her, he looked over then woman more, being closer he got to see the finer details, her lines, her flaws, her story. John would lower his brow and look at the woman with more interest after inspecting her, this was gonna be interesting.

"Why get the cheap drink when offered the expensive one? I hadn't said anything that would disinterest you or anything that would make you any more attracted. I haven't currently made a mood, even the drink could be interpreted as a sign of good faith but I think you are a smart woman who knows that man's true intention is power, and women."

[member="Delila Castillon"]
[member="John Shepherd"]

Another sip of her beer.

"Several reasons. One, flashing money around in a place like this will bring nothing but trouble. Two, cheaper beer is bought faster because it is what the locals can afford. Thus making the beer fresher and tastier. Third, taking a offer from a stranger would leave me in your debt of sorts, obligating me to help you or somehow entertain your notions."

A pause.

"Any other questions?"
[member="Delila Castillon"]

He would look at her with his mouth slightly agape. He would shut it fast before he coughed and resettled himself. HE would look for what to say but not much was coming out, he felt trapped after such a straightforward and blunt response. John would blink trying to find a response but nothing truly came to him, he shook his head to clear it and finally came up with someone that he could say.

"I think I can handle myself thank you, and where do you get your teeth done?"

He said the last part fast and then did a hard facepalm closing his eyes.

"Don't answer that... please."
[member="John Shepherd"]

"Good luck in taking care of yourself. I'll be sure to watch when you're robbed."

He went silent and it gave Delila a chance to drink her beer. She had it downed half-way when he asked another question about her teeth. More than a bit odd but perhaps not the oddest question she'd ever had in awhile. Probably not the worse question in awhile though. Beer was slowly put down before she answered.

"Twenty years or so of military military dentists. Yep, not lying when they say they love to practice on you."
[member="Delila Castillon"]

"Well you have beautiful teeth, pearly white, well taken care of like two pearls worth millions of credits... urgh... uhm... sorry don't answer that, sorry just a little awkward, been off doing some things that has left me out of the social light."

He would say coughing soft and taking a drink and looking around and watching her drink the beer almost downing it and holding a whistle back, she was everything this man could hope for, a great drinker, strong, military, and ginger, he was in love, and he was doing a terrible job at hiding his feelings to the woman in front of him as they sat in the cantina.
[member="John Shepherd"]

"Hiding out in your Mom's basement?"

Delila gently teased the man next to her. She was what? Eyes looked him over, trying to guess an age. Probably mid-twenties if she had to guess. Add in another thirteen years or so to reach her age. Amusement colored her emotions right now, wondering if she was attracting younger men. What did they call those women? Cougars? Panthers? Some type of large cat.

"Relax, I'm probably old enough to be your mother. You should be out trying to find some nice local girl."
[member="Delila Castillon"]

He shook his head, oh she was good, his mothers basement, pfft, he laughed with her and just looked her over again, she was slightly older then him, but it really didn't matter, he hated the thought of defining someone by how much older they were, if they were attractive, you know he'd be okay with it. He gave her another one two checking her over again, the ginger was were it really got him, just something about that fiery hair.

"Oh you know Just love hanging out in my mother's basement all day, but no."

"Local girl? If I wanted a local girl I'd be looking at a girl with fourteen arms and no legs, anyways whats wrong with wanting something more... exotic? A little out of this word."

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