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To Live by the Sword

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
It had taken so ridiculously long to find someone willing to transport Aya to this planet, and even longer to even get this far. But after hearing of another culture using weapons not unlike her own, how could Aya resist? She had grown tired of pirates and mercenaries wielding blaster rifles. It was infuriating to no end to deal with such a lack of honor in the galaxy, it only made her long more for home with each passing day. Yet she couldn't return, not without support, and not without knowing what it was she wanted in the world.

As Aya's commissioned ship entered the planet's atmosphere, she could already begin to feel the sense of unwelcome, even though her mind had been made. Even still, she couldn't deny the suspicion this wouldn't go well, at all. She stepped out of the ship, immediately seeing all eyes turn to her, and the guards moving closer. In her cleaned armor, she felt safe, safe enough anyways, but behind the helmet she still held the faintest look of concern.

This wouldn't go well. She raised a hand in an unmistakable sign of peace, but before she could speak one of the guards... with rather aggressive tones, alerted her that offworlders weren't allowed. She frowned behind the helmet, and after being berated by two of the three guards already there, she finally managed to speak. "I had thought to come and learn of another honor-bound culture's techniques, I see I was mistaken. Even so, I refuse to step foot on a craft until I have found what I came for. It would be in both our interests to make such a reality, quickly."

The three looked at one another, and drew their weapons. Instinctively, Aya stepped back, drawing her blade and holding it at the ready. Hands both on the hilt, she stared at each of the three, her sword angled slightly up and across her body, helping to shield her as she considered. She would not leave, and they refused to let her stay.

She supposed she would simply stay until someone more.. reasonable came about.

There was nothing quite like wearing armor of the old Hellyni people. Knightly, and dressed in battle armor, I smiled down at myself in the room. It clanked and shifted as Thalia was helping me put on the final pieces. I held the helmet in my hands as she put in the final pins. It was different. Not leathery like my suit that I used on missions, but it also wasn't just a suit of armor I could just put on in a matter of seconds. It felt... natural. Almost as though I could wear this for a long time. It was heavier than my suit, but not quite as heavy as my old wolf armor.

Now, I had something else.

It was nice, but this was just testing armor. Simple plates of durasteel held together like any other armor. Flexing around, and moved in it. Trying to lift my arms above my head, and doing so easily with the chinks in the armor that gave me space to move. I felt good. Stepping out into the open air, I looked past the door to see that Thaila was already getting stuff ready for our trip back into the Galaxy.

It was when I saw a few kids running past me, I placed the helmet on my head as I walked after them, I could feel the aura of confusion, yet curiousness. Wanting to know more. Following them, I could feel a mass of people's emotions. While I could not read their thoughts, I could feel the ambient auras around them. And one that stood out from the rest. One that stood defiant. Literally.

It was as I drew closer, a woman walked over to me.

"Apparently some offworlder queen thinks she can learn to be like us."
"Oh? And why turn her away?"
"She is not welcome Warden. We don't like her kind. Wanting everything, with nothing in return."

Nodding my head, I pushed forward through the group. Seeing that the guards were holding their swords in front of them. Even in the face of danger, the armored woman stood defiant against them. She would be valiant in her stride, and wanted to prove she was worthy. I smiled. Stepping forward, I placed a hand on the first man's hand to lower the weapon. The other's did so as well as I spoke out from behind the helmet I wore.

"Welcome to Hora. You know you are not welcome here. Yet you still persist. I ask why."

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
Aya's posture relaxed ever so slightly, though she retained her stance, ready to move the moment anyone showed any hostility towards her. Well, any further hostility. Her eyes slowly ran across the others, noting the way they spoke to the man and in turn how they obeyed his silent order to lower their weapons. Even so, the both of them knew it would be foolish for her to completely lower her guard, especially considering the situation. There was no malevolent intent in retaining her stance for combat, that much could be sensed even without the force.

Then the man spoke, offering her a welcome before asking why she persisted, even against this hostility. Her own voice, sounding very similar to a twi'lek who learned basic late in life, came somewhat muffled past her own helmet. "I came to learn and teach in turn, having heard of another culture that fought using more.. honorable tactics. It was my own hope that such would be a simple desire to fulfill, but it seems the welcome has been less than warm. Forgive the assumptions, Sir, but my mind has been made on the course to be taken. If I must fight to prove some sort of worthiness to be here I can promise you, a Knight of Aelozath trains for such kinds of violence, though it'll bring me no joy."

She took no advances towards me.

Good for her. It showed some restraint towards action, and showed restrain towards flinging oneself into battle. Promise on that part. She knew how to hold the sword. That much was true. However, what got me was the title she gave herself. Knight of Aelozath. A planet I had not heard of before. Having traveled the galaxy, and gaining allies along the way, not one has ever mentioned this Aelozath. I wasn't sure if it was a planet, a government, or even just a singular person. However one thing was clear, she was capable of bladed combat.

I smiled lightly. Reaching my hand out, I grabbed one of the blades from the guards. Holding it almost limply in my left hand, and then threw it into my right. Looking at it with a curious eye, I shook my head. Handing it back to him, I spoke to the woman.

"Even as a vagabond among the stars, I have never heard of such a name. However, you are able to wield a sword. So I have a proposition."

Reaching to my left side with my right arm, I gripped the hilt of my own sword, and made sure the full grip my hand was tight. Drawing upon the longsword, A sudden chill surrounded us in the air. The armor I wore, its reflective surface dulled as vapor condensed upon it, and crystalline structures formed on my faceplate. I smiled brightly under the helm.

"Prove yourself if you so desire. However, you face me."

I brought the blade forward, Holding it with one hand, and brought it into a salute, As I did so, everyone that was here backed off meters at a time. Trying to give us room as they knew what I was capable of. Whispers of my title of Warden rose, as well as the name Voidwalker. Rumors did fly from the lips of many as I brought the blade horizontal and let it almost touch the gauntlet and the elbow of my arm. Resting as my palm barely touched the top of the guard, and my right hand gripping the blade firmly.

"You are free to face me, or return home. Decide now."

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
A challenge, a language she could understand well enough. Return, or fight. Well, she'd already given her answer, and the titles whispered by the crowd had no meaning to her, voidwalker, warden, such words fell on empty ears. Perhaps if they hadn't she might've changed her mind, but as it currently was...

Aya stood up straight, and offered a half bow. "I, Ser Aya Clarke of Kalis of Aelozath, will accept your terms. Goddess guide our blades." All she said had a tone of, habit? Ritual? The sort of tone one would give when rehearsing practiced, specific lines. The sort of words that had more ceremony to them than heart. Despite this, there was little doubt she meant them, as she reassured her stance, keeping her armored side facing the man, with the blade angled to offer a slight protection.

She took a step forward, a single step. Would he take the offensive, or would he stay on the defense? She was intrigued to learn.

I smiled and shook my head, I already made my opening move. My opening form. She wanted to test me. Simply moving around each other, I wanted to get us moving. Get her moving. Moving in a wide circle around one another, Side stepping to keep pace with her, as well as keeping the sword level. Even placing the sword this close to my arm, I could feel the metal cooling as though I had placed my arm in a bucket of cold water.

Still, I continued to move around when I stopped. Simply lunging forward with the reach of my blade. Enticing her to dare to counter me. Wanting her to fight back. Wanting her to try and fling me away. She will soon learn why we Hellyni are known as Masters of the sword, and the saber.

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
A lunge, a reasonable choice to use the length of the blade to his advantage. She shifted the blade in her own hands, bringing the handle up high while aiming the blade downward, to catch the side of the blade lunging at her and aim it just off to the side. She didn't need to waste energy throwing it off to the side, she just had to redirect it enough to be safe from the blade. It was a little difficult to do so, but the blade managed to just scrape by, leaving yet another mark across her armor. Even so, it did offer her a chance to retaliate.

Moving one hand down to grip her blade, Aya stepped forward, causing the blade already scraping her armor to scrape even louder, as she pulled her arms back and shot the blade out like a spear. Where to aim, naturally she noticed the joints and aimed for the man's waist, his left hip joint. He was within range, considering her weapon was ever so slightly longer, but it was still little more than a test on her end. Of course if she could land a strike, that would be lovely.

She'd have to buff out her armor anyways, what more damage could he do than he already was?

The woman was good. Using the smallest movements possible to counter my lunge. A very useful tool in the lightsaber form of Soresu, and was even more so better when used with a sword due to it having actual weight compared to a nearly weightless lightsaber. However, that is what I wanted. She was going to fight with all she had. She wanted to press the advantage and punish my lunge that was parried quite well. However, years of training prepared me for this.

As she flicked it to my left side, I pivoted on my right foot. Her own blade reaching out for me to swipe at the air. Whistling past my waist line. With a complete pivot around to my right, The sword was swung with massive momentum in a wide powerful arc very reminiscent of the Shi-Cho Lightsaber form. I even scrunched my face up as I put more force behind it. Almost as though I were going to literally beat her with the flat of the blade, only instead, it was a very sharp, and powerful sword.

Already, I noticed that the one little scratch upon her own armor accented the ability to quite literally freeze everything. While it was very minor, and would cause no real harm to her armor, I might try and pin point on that one part. Hit it a few more times. Build up the freezing effect of my blade upon her armor, and even break it. Proving her to her that she is only welcome here, if she can defend herself against my onslaught.

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
Even as fit as she was, Aya was still physically inferior in terms of raw strength to the man she was fighting, she understood this well enough. She was grateful her face was hidden behind the helmet, otherwise her face would betray some level of concern. Truthfully she didn't expect to win, if this man was respected enough to have as much sway over the guards as he did then she doubted her, a mere knight, had anything comparable in skill.

Still, she was determined to show her greatest display of Aelozian swordplay she could. And fortunately she was already half swording, which made what she had in mind much easier. Using the flat of her blade, and with clear effort, she moved to deflect the blow similarly to before, though it was obvious this time she almost had her guard broken by the sheer force and bad angle. The blade sparked as it sent the other up over her head, and quickly as she could she moved her other hand down to her blade as well.

Then she swung, the weapon already in position for a hammer strike. With great force, she swung the weapon like a pickaxe, aiming for the man's weapon shoulder to attempt to jolt him. Even should it fail, the angle it went at would hopefully force the man back a second, and grant her breathing room.

The woman was very valiant. She took the hit, but I could see her almost bending to my strike. I could almost crush her if I tried harder. Though, with our little skirmish and twisting of the blades, she brought herself into a hammer strike. Trying to hit me with what could be, a large amount of force, to batter me back and prevent myself from attacking her. I smiled at the attempt, but it would not work.

After the strike, my follow through caused my blade to be on my left side while in my right hand. There was no time for me to move my sword back over to the right side, and bring it up to defend myself. My perception of the world worked much, much faster than most. Instead, of wasting energy hefting my sword, I yanked it to my right, while my left arm came up, and smacked into the blade at an angle. The gauntlet took most of the blow, and I could feel the reverberation going all the way up my cybernetic arm.

However, the powerful blow I could not feel pain from. With her sword being dealt with my left arm, and the distance between us too close to use a blade, I opted to use the butt of the grip, and slam it hard towards her stomach and chest. I likely wouldn't hit the solar plexus, but it was a shot in a million. Hitting even through armor, I could possibly make her winded, and back off, or just cause a lot of bruises under the armor.

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
At such close proximity there were only so many options, and Aya was distinctly aware of this fact. Another block was made by the man, and she noted the lack of any visible pain. Given how hard the strike was, even through armor he should hurt, severely, from the strike. She concluded his arm had either mostly dead nerves, or was non-organic, making it something she wanted to avoid being hit by or hitting if she managed to continue.

And then the hilt came, as expected in such close quarters. Yet, similarly so, there was only so much she could do against someone clearly able to react with clearly superior reaction times. She'd move her body slightly, letting the strike hit a different segment of her chest where the pain would be there, but her breath would remain and she could still retaliate. It took a moment for her to decide how to react best, but seeing as he held her blade with one arm and the other had the hilt slammed into her chest, it didn't take much to come to a choice.

She was too short to reach his head, and she'd rather not sully her honor by striking for the codpiece, but as she took a few steps back she had an air of some sort of confidence. She was bruised, pained on the inside of her armor, but she wasn't falling back on terms outside of her own. She moved the blade around, taking the hilt with her hand again. ".. You're a Jedi aren't you?"

She avoided most of the blow, but still took it well. I mean, a grunt from pain is all I got, but it was better than missing. As she drew her weapon back and took a step away, she spoke. Asking if I was a Jedi. I smiled beneath my helmet. Shaking my head, I rolled my left arm as though it were in pain. Honestly, it was, but up by the shoulder because of the connection to my arm. I checked the gauntlet to see that the armor plating was dented in enough that it would have cause much pain to any normal fleshly arm.

I shrugged it off as I turned my attention back to the woman. Looking through the visor, the metallic ring of my voice came through.

"No. Jedi do not ever set foot here. The force that flows here flows naturally. Untapped by the Light, or the Dark."

Swinging the sword experimentally around the right side, I could see a few people looking at me in confusion as I spoke to the woman.

"You all see that she shows promise against me. I am one of you, yet walk beyond our borders. She is the same but for her kind. Treat her with respect that I have earned from you all."

A few heads nodded and others shook their head in my decision, however they would respect it as I stood as the one being to police the planet and protect it from various factions who came to expand outward from the core of the galaxy. Some moved on with their day, others stayed to see what else would happen.

"You are a child of a different realm. I recommend next time you visit somewhere, you don't brandish your weapon before asking to speak to police or leadership. Someone like me won't always be there to give you a welcome."

I silenced myself, grabbing my scabbard and sheathed the blade. In that instant, all of the cold air seemed to vanish as I closed the blade within the leather sheath. Half leather, half metal to protect the blade, and to prevent the cutting of the sacred leather to hold the blade. I rolled my head and cracked my neck as I went to remove the left gauntlet. After doing so, there was a long leather sleeve that I peeled back to reveal a metallic arm. it was dented a little on the hand, but after raising my right hand over it, in mere seconds the metal formed to a normal hand shape.

Perks of having a special arm.

"You wanted to learn. You have seen what we can do, now leave. Not many will accept you even with my blessing. You waste your time here."

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
"They drew their blades. My honor demanded that such an act be reciprocated in kind. Perhaps it would be as useful to teach the guards how to handle a situation without escalating it. Lest one day it prompt a military action." Aya ran her thumb down her blade, checking for any grooves or signs that it had been damaged in the short duel. Satisfied it was still intact, she took the blade, running the flat against the blade's scabbard at her waist, before sheathing it with a very satisfying hiss of metal.

She reached up to her head, and slowly pulled her helmet free, a sign of relative peace, and respect for another bladesman. Now freed of her helmet, her short brown hair and hazel eyes were fully visible, as well as the signs of her age. She was far from old, of course, but it was also blatantly clear she wasn't entirely a young woman anymore. "Incorrect, I've learned what you can do. Not only that, but I've learned what you, a force using knight, is able to do. I have learned nothing of this planet's swordsmanship proper. All I have learned is that this society reminds me greatly of my own's past, humiliating and disgraceful as it is." There was a bite to her words, but it was also clearly not meant as an insult. True, it would no doubt be taken as one, but the intent to make an observation and offer a tidbit of her own culture was clear enough.

I shook my head as she spoke to me. Throwing the blame onto the guards, I knew it could only turn into an argument of he said, she said. Holding the damaged gauntlet with my left hand, I just chuckled lightly as she spoke those words, and removed her helmet. She may show her face as a sign of respect, but she did not earn mine. She maybe gifted with a blade, but that doesn't mean I show my face to all of the people upon Hora either. I didn't remove my helmet as she continued to speak

Learning what I can do, but that I am a force user, and how our society reminds her of her own. I shook my head again. Defiant of her words.

"No. Trained as a proper one of us, will not be tolerated by the people of Hora. Unless you can somehow convince me that you are worthy other than sparring, You will leave, and speak none of this to anyone."

I looked up from where I was looking down at the damage gauntlet. Looking directly at her so she could see my silver eye's through the visor of my helmet. Clearly I was being serious, and will not be moved by words alone.

"Speak of this place, and I will find you."

Turning around, and proceeding to walk away, I spoke over my shoulder, and almost expected her to follow me if she really wanted to learn more.

"That is no threat. That, offworlder, is a promise."

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
"I told you... Sir..." There was no denying the sound of footsteps behind him as Aya followed after. "With all due respect, I have made up my mind. Naught but conclusion of my quest that even brought me here will satisfy it. You can beat me if you wish until my body is bloody and broken and still I will refuse until I am satisfied with what I have learned." If he glanced back, he'd see her easily keeping pace with him, the scarlet cape flowing behind her.

She was also distinctly aware of the eyes following her, but as her determined face told she cared not for their opinions. She owed them nothing, and she'd not concern herself with them now. "You have seen the soldier, can you truly say you have learned anything yourself? Outside of my name, which you yourself have yet to reciprocate. You aren't gaining anything by turning me away yet you might yet earn more than you are aware of should you act on this 'blessing' of yours. Would it truly be wise to turn it away without an attempt to find utility in it?"

The woman followed after me. Even as I walked out of the space port and half way down the street as she wanted to explain herself. I stopped and turned around when she spoke that I could learn something from it. I almost wanted to chuckle as she continued to say that I could learn from her.

"You speak of that which you do not know. You speak as though you have taught others in the art of using the blade!"

Turning around, I looked at her through the helmet slit. Reaching out with my left hand, I used the force to pull her sheathed sword from her side and into my hand. I flipped it around and looked at it. The plunge grind to use the weapon was done very well. Someone who clearly knew how to do their work. I swung it experimentally around myself, and performed a few jabs one handed. The weapon was weighty enough that it should be used two handed, but could be used with limited use of one hand.

I then looked at the plain grip and pommel. Formed very well with a series of sanders, or was worked on with various grit stones over the span of months. Either way, I couldn't tell the difference, it was done so well.

Handing it back to the woman with the blade folded to the inside of my arm, I waited to speak until after she took it.

"Whoever made that blade had the intention to give it to a prince, or a high ranking official. Yet you roam the galaxy looking for more ways to fight. You are on some quest to become stronger, or find yourself so that you can protect people you care for, or an entire nation."

Taking a step closer to her. My height towered over the woman as I looked down. I bent at my knees and hips to allow my helmet to be beside her head, and speak softly to the woman.

"You proved to be able to stand in front of me. However, you didn't prove you can be trained."

Leaning up from where I was, I folded my armored arms, and looked at her.

[member="Aya Clarke"]

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
The moment he took her blade from her, Aya's entire body visibly went on edge. Quite honestly it was difficult for her to resist pouncing on the man for taking the blade from her, one of the few things she had left of her late parents (though he wouldn't know that). Though her sudden level of, almost hostility would be felt from the very second it was taken from her. When it was offered in return, she quickly took the blade and sheathed it once more, relaxing slowly as she listened to him speak.

"I have taught others to wield a blade, whether you believe it or not. A knight is nobility, but it is still our duty to train those who wish to protect their homeland. I may not have trained knights, but I have trained soldiers."

Of course then he brought up the blade itself being of well made design, well...

"My father was a liege, a man of great influence on events in the kingdom. He had the money to commission both blade and armor, and he spared nothing in expense for me. In many ways I myself and set to take the same role he held, yet I must..." She stopped, clearly mid thought, as she shook her head. No, there were some details that had to be kept to herself.

They were too painful to discuss. "...There is something I must do first. My father was a good man, and I am not yet worthy of taking his place."

The woman was to be seated upon a throne. She was to become a ruler of some planet, or of some nation. I am as aware of what happens as I thought of her. Shaking my head, I stood there as she mentioned in training soldiers.

"Soldiers are taught basics to get by. Knights are taught everything so that nothing is left out. Until you yourself can perfect these teachings, you should not teach. Those men could die needlessly if you taught them wrong. Forgive me for saying this, but it is the absolute truth. If you are to be seated upon a throne, or to lead men, Then you must know how to be led."

I looked this woman over. She really was wanting to learn more. She did want to become better. However, she wanted to become better for her kingdom, when she should become better for herself first.

"Before you can rule, you must know how to rule yourself alone. If you cannot discover yourself, then you will not be suitable to lead anyone. If you want to discover yourself, then keep following. Otherwise, leave."

[member="Aya Clarke"],

Aya Clarke

Lady Clarke, Saint of the Crimson Eagle
"I rule no one. I am not a monarch, I am not a leader. I have always followed instructions, learned to follow and lead in turn when the time necessitated it. And I do not intend to change much of that until I have done what need be done." She didn't say exactly what was on her mind, of course, as she continued to follow behind [member="Atheus"] even now. He struck out, verbally, at her honor in more ways than one, yet she hardly had much concern for it. Honor was hard enough to come by, and he could not be expected to understand what was expected of her.

She couldn't expect anyone to understand.

She didn't speak further, as she followed behind the man, letting the determined clinking and steps of her durasteel armor relay her determination.

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