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To hell and back

Graveyard- A broken planet worshiping death surrounded by an asteroid field and a black hole, Who the heck would want to go there?

​Keldoth Mindweaver would.
​See, the planet used to be inhabited by a species called the Titans. Nowadays they're long gone - but every lifeform leaves a trace and the Titans happened to leave a rather obvious one. Ruins. Ruins that from the outside look like any others but inside contain ancient tech salvageable both to build new tech and learn about those long gone. Keldoth found both appealing.

​There was just the trouble of getting in. Keldoth's ship, a YT-3000p modified to contain libraries hovered just outside the asteroid belt. He has enlisted the help of a cyborg.

​"Now... How do we start this?" Keldoth asked her


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​The 'special' right eye began to rotate until the mechanical device clicked into place. Scanning the area she was looking at through the viewport of her companion's ship, the eye piece began collecting data running a series of possible scenarios before transferring the final solution to her brain. ​"There," ​the female cyborg said pointing to a barely visible entry point, were simple organic eyes would fail to notice. ​"The entry point is just big enough to accommodate the size of your ship. But just barely."

​Under normal circumstances she wouldn't work directly with organics, but the desirable appeal to salvage any tech worthy equipment was enough to cast aside her protocols. Since her construction, she had been on a pilgrimage to gather tech to better advance the Metal Lords' crusade. Though still hidden and squabbling over their priorities, the Metal Lords would need to prove to her they were truly worthy of her devotion.

"The area is rather unstable," she pointed out. ​"We need to get in and out quickly, collecting any tech we discover with greedy hands."

[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]
"Greed is the downfall of many, there is a reason the wealthy die. Others kill them for money, only to be killed for that same money. We must be careful, we do not know what may lie below." Savitor said, "Traps will most likely be there in extravagant amounts." He leaned against the wall, this better be worth it. He was hoping to find designs, blueprints or prototypes for ships or weapons. Vanguard Industries could use them.

[member="AD-Iqatar.13"] [member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]
[member="AD-Iqatar.13"][member="Savitor Draay"]

​Keldoth rotates his ship to fit through a small gap, hedding straight towards the planet Graveyard.

​"So what is it like, being a cyborg, I mean. Is it any different from moving a flesh limb?"


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
​The female cyborg stood looking at the passing asteroids, wondering how much minerals were being wasted from the lack of harvesting. A well funded mining expedition with the backing of a company could net massive profits, but the location and dangers from which these big rocks slowly rotated and floated about was almost not worth the risk. She made a file in her memory core for further research into a project.

Slowly she turned her head toward her companion, who made an inquiry about the nature of being a cyborg. ​"I wasn't asked permission to be constructed in such a manner," ​she said scanning his DNA make-up; creating a file inside the wrist data pad. ​"They wiped my memory clean, so I have no recollection of who I was before this procedure. However, the Force at times gives me fragmented visons of my past, but trying to piece it together is like putting a puzzle together when there are several key components missing. It's rather annoying."

​From the onset of her liberation from the lab she was fabricated, she once toyed with the idea of trying to discover who she was; but after some thinking and running scenarios in her core, it was best to leave whatever history she had in the past. The future was more important to her now. Despite the twisted experiments wrought upon her, she was more than the sum of what she once was. She did know one thing, she was a prototype; a one of kind gem among bleak and worthless rocks.

​"Inquiry. What is your history?"

[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]

Keldoth looks to AD-iqatar.13 as his ship sails smoothly towards Graveyards atmosphere. "I suppose I should tell you two a little about myself if we're going to be salvaging this technology as a team, although I daresay it is a little boring"

​Keldoth chuckles to himself. By boring, he means that nothing on AS-Iqatar.13's level.

​"Nothing particularly stands out about my life. I've always liked reading. Exploring too. The world is there to be explored and learned about, that's my motto! See, this was what my father did too. Explore planets, write books, expand the galaxies knowledge and make money of it when you can."
"I'm sure it is." Savitor muttered under his breath, he calmly abosrbed the words spoken by [member="AD-Iqatar.13"] and [member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]. He would not tell any of his history, not to these strangers at least. "Lets move in and stop blathring. We do not need any problems with that black hole. We should get in, grab what we need and then get out, after this, for lack of a better word, adventure is over we can go our seperate ways. No need for life stories." He knew he would seem anti-social, abrupt, and quite probably paranoid. But Savitor also knew he was unlikely to run into these people again after this.
[member="Savitor Draay"]
​Keldoth's ship smoothly floats above Graveyards mushroom forest surface. Those on the ship would feel uneasy for what appears to be no explainable reason. The ship heads towards a flat area on the side of a mountain, swerving past a large ruins. Keldoth grabs onto the controls tightly.

​"Hold on tight! This landing might be rough."

​The ship lands, creating a small rumble, and the door slowly opens, producing such a noise that indicated a need for oil.

​"I estimate a five minute walk to get to the ruins."
As soon as the ship landed Savitor turned to go, "Let's move sooner we get there sooner we leave." He put on his helmwt and sealed his armor. It was time to get moving, being this close to a black hole, even if they were beyond the event horizon, the dangers were beyond measurment. At least the trees were interesting.

[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"] | [member="AD-Iqatar.13"]
[member="Savitor Draay"][member="AD-Iqatar.13"]

​Keldoth points at a large temple in the distance, and begins to walk towards it, waving his hands to show people to follow.

​"I located a temple in the difference before taking on this journey. From what I can tell the doors will either require breaking down or unlocking."

​He walks to the temple, and looks at the door.

​"A door, as expected"

​He examines the symbols on it. They appear to be on some kind of code wheel, probably the doors lock.

​((Sorry for not posting in a while))
[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"], (Ack, thought I posted), [member="AD-Iqatar.13"]

"Let's move, I don't like being this close to a Black Hole. Even if we are beyond the event horizon." Savitor said as he pulled out his sword and waited for Keldoth to get the door open. Watching and waiting to make his next move.
[member="Savitor Draay"][member="AD-Iqatar.13"]
​Keldoth looks at the door. The code would take a long time to crack and the material seemed to be similar to sandstone or some of sedimentary rock.

​"Better for you to cut through. This code would take a lifetime to work out."
"Fine." Savitor plunged his massive blade into the rock and drove it up, meeting more resistance than he thought he would, he ignited its lightsaber blade and drove it up with renewed effort. Managing to create a circle roughly six feet in diameter he withdrew the Night Saber and turned off its saber setting before sheathing it and gesturing to the hole, "After you."

[member="Keldoth Mindweaver"]

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