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Private To Become One With Black

Heaven's Sin
Factory Judge
Aboard the Snowflake

We were headed out to a location in which Valrayne spoke of. She had easily given me the coordinates in which we would need to head to. A place in which we could... complete her transformation. One in which her infected state would allow her to survive and live past all others. Never decaying. Never passing due to the problems of the flesh. Every part of me wanted to go back to this Sith Master who had taken Val from me. I wanted to split his head open on a spit and roast him over a fire. Every fiber in my being wanted to take every advantage over him that he dared to put against Val. She was mine. Nobody else could have that claim.

However, As I carried the barely living Val as she was slowly starting to succumb to the effects of the Blackwing. A virus that killed its host so that it could control it in its entirety. I knew she could feel the hunger. I knew she could feel the desire to eat. So as for now, I used the force to keep her alive. Holding back the natural processes of the body and prevent her body from decaying further. So far, all that had happened was her skin became pale and sickly.

I have been holding off telling her what else this virus would do to her. I already had all that I needed. However, we needed a place that was secluded and had some importance to her. So, here we are. Returning to the Asteroid field in which she was born in. While I am sure that whatever was here when she was a child was long gone, It was still important to her. A home that she had left. Even if there were bad memories, those memories would be powerful enough to keep her here.

Moving towards the back of the ship, I rested her down upon a crate that was propped against the wall. Kneeling down as she was feeling this pain, this transformation, I knew she wouldn't have expected this kind of gift from me. Nor for the effects of this gift to start this soon.

"Hang on just a little more alright?"

Faegard Faegard


Little Rabbit
The "gift" my Master had given me ravaged my body.

It burned, boiling and seething under my skin. Everything had become a blur. I remembered Darren giving me his gift, infecting my body with some... virus. At first it had been manageable, tremors and a fever. I'd even felt a little bad for him, knowing that he'd probably gone through something similar when it had taken him. But then it got worse.

The infection ravaged me. Everything was agony. Breathing felt as though there were a thousand knives piercing my chest. My heart felt like it was gripped in barbed wire. My stomach churned and ached. My limbs felt heavy, aching with every movement. Before it had gotten too bad, I had been able to give Darren the coordinates to my home. It had been so long since I'd been there, and now that thought alone remained in my mind. Home

Alongside it was only one other; not so much a thought as a presence.

Unconsciousness had taken me, but it refused to grant me sweet relief. I lay, drifting in and out of blissful reprieve, suffering, unable to even whimper. However, I now lay within Darren's arms, my Master's embrace around me, and his presence in my mind. Whatever this virus was, it seemed to strengthen the strange bond we shared, strengthen, or change. I didn't know. All I knew was that the presence of the echani kept me alive, easing the agony just enough to keep fighting.

Now, laying in his arms, I stirred, fighting to open my eyes as I felt him carry me through the ship. The slight movement, even though his steps were even, sent a wave of nausea rolling over me, goosebumps appearing on my skin. I was shaking, trembling almost violently, but I felt hot, like I was on fire.

He laid me down, and my head was pounding, swimming. While my whole body ached to do so, I turned away from him, my shoulders heaving as I wretched. Of course, my stomach had emptied its contents hours ago, leaving me with just empty, painful coughing. With a groan, I peered up to Darren, gasping to try and catch my breath.

"It... it hurts." I mewled pathetically.

I wanted to reach up and touch him, to draw what little strength I could from him, but I was just too weak. Instead, I only gazed up, my matted hair sticking to sweat-damped skin.

"Please... make it stop."

Lazarus Lazarus