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To become invincible. [Self Training]

Kathryn Dae

The way of the Mynock.

Soresu. The third of seven classical forms of lightsaber combat, recognised by both Sith and Jedi alike for its extremely potent defensive capabilities. It had been developed millenia ago, during the first emergence of blasters and had changed very little since then. Kathryn had first learned of the form on Korriban, where her overseers had seen fit to impress upon the young students just how lethal blasters could be by firing upon them without mercy. She had been one of three that had survived. There had been fifteen to begin with. If she had not paid attention during the blast-deflect training given to her as part of her instruction in Shii-Cho, she knew she wouldn't have survived.

It was after the massacre that the overseer responsible had revealed that the survivors had used some of the basic elements of Soresu to survive the ordeal - tight bladework, and a more comprehensive grasp of covering gaps in ones guard in order to minimise exposure to ranged weapons. Since then, Kathryn had devoted her free time to studying the form, unlike her peers, who had branched out into the more aggressive forms such as Ataru or Djem So. Over time, Kathryn developed the theory that if the basic principles of could keep her alive, even at such a base level of training, then mastering the form would make her untouchable in combat, regardless of what challenges faced her. Her peers could keep their agressive forms. She would render them obsolete.

Because of her diligent study into the ways of Soresu, Kathryn discovered that it was incredibly similar to Makashi, at least in terms of relying on economical, energy efficient movements. She even found that some of the principles of bladework between the two forms, even though they were nigh on polar opposites, were incredibly similar. Just like a Makashi practitioner, a being using Soresu sought to keep up a near constant blade movement once they got going, so that they could build up momentum and not waste time stopping and starting new motions...