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Approved Tech TITAN and Dr.Marie Krasnican Bone Augmentation procedure

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Moff Iridius

Project pantheon: Czar Augmentation Mark 1 Bone density/strength

Intent: A series of painful injections over the course of a month to the patients skeletal structure to strengthen bones beyond normal human capacity. Causing them to be less likely to break and splinter in combat or other hazardous environments and situations placing the patients physical being on the line.

Manufacturer: Dr. Marie Krasnican

Model: First of its kind, still ongoing experimental trials to perfect the serum.

Affiliation: No working models to date.

Modularity: The compound has the ability to modified slightly to fit the needs of the patient from its original form. That being said is highly unrecommended due to the unknown of altering the compounds.

Production: Minor

Ingredients: The augmentation serums are comprised of three main elements to strengthen the bone. Including a super enriched calcium and vitamin D compound to strengthen the bone from the inside out causing it to be able to handle the next stage of the the procedure. A thin coating of Bonemer injected onto the patient's existing skeletal structure to strengthen and harden. However the compound of calcium citrate and vitamin D is not permanent, subjects must be brought in once every year to receive another treatment to keep bones strong and hardened.

Description: the augmentation is still extremely new and experimental, not to mention highly painful. Reports estimate that twenty five percent of patients who go through the process will either die or grow a defect of some kind. Though when applied successfully the patients skeletal structure will become hardened and more resistant to breakage However everything must come at a cost, the enriched calcium compound is not permanent and operators will need to come back yearly for new shots to refresh the bone to keep it from decaying without the nutrients of the compound. As well as added weight to the subject from bones hardening and the thin outer layer of Bonemer. However once the procedure has been done the patients bones will decay faster and shatter like glass if they are to go without injections. Patients may be subjected to a calcium overdose if the body fails to absorb the treatment over the course of the month it is applied. Symptoms include but are not exclusive to

Abdominal pain
Bone pain
Irregular heartbeat
Muscle twitching
Since the procedure itself is a transplant the patient who undergos it must take special drugs to lower their immune system so their bodies don't turn against themselves by attacking the foreign augmentation thus leaving their bodies more susceptible to poisons and various illnesses.

Procedure Overview

The augmentation is nowhere near capable of being done in one sitting and must be completed over the course of a month. When starting the procedure patients are given a fortified Vitamin D compound to help the absorption of calcium into their bodies, the second part of the treatment is the most likely to cause permanent damage. Upon the absorption of the vitamin D the calcium citrate formula must be injected into the core of each bone over the process of a month to not kill the patient of a calcium overdose. The next and final phase of the procedure is applying the thick outer layer of Bonemer that acts as a suit of armor for the fortified bones. five times stronger than normal bone it seemed like a no brainer for this to be the final stage of the process. When the procedure is finished the patients bones will be reenforced and ready for the next and final stage of augmentation.

Dev thread: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/17223-czar-bone-augmentation-mark-i-trials-dev-thread/

Bonemer: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bonemer

Calcium overdose: First linke: http://www.livestrong.com/article/28213-can-person-overdose-calcium/

Second one: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002605.htm

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
In the link you provided it said that Bonemer is five times the strength of normal bone but also aboutthe same weight. I'm going to need you to edit out the "lightweight" reference at the end of the description or severely lower the hardening factor. Furthermore, what does the procedure do about stopping antibodies? As this is a transplant and not a prosthesis your putting a foreign entity inside the body, not sticking something something on the end of it. I take it this means one who goes through the surgery need to take some anti-rejection drugs in order to not destroy their bones and would thus be weaker to poisons and disease?


Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
I'm sorry, I don't think I explained it properly. Let me try again.

White blood cells by nature attack foreign objects in your body such as bacteria and viruses. They also percieve transplants as foreign objects, so when someone has a transplant they need to take drugs that weaken their immune system so that the white blood cells don't kill the new organs. As such they are more vulnerable to disease and poisons because their immune systems don't work as well. Your phrasing in this matter is backwards. Once you've edited that this should be done. Sorry I didn't explain it right the first time.

@Dr.Marie Krasnican

Moff Iridius

@[member="Jaxton Ravos"] There we go, I hope it's too your liking
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