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Tinkering with the Past

There was one thing that Teagan had immediately fallen in love with from Mandalorian culture, the designs. Their ships, their vehicles, their droids. All of it was top notch quality. So when Teagan had come across an ancient Death Watch hangar full of Kom'rk-class ships, he was filled to the brim with joy. He had arranged with his clan to have all of the ships moved to a large warehouse that was not being used. He converted the place into a workshop and immediately set about inspecting the ships.

It took him over a full month of daily work, but he had managed to save only four ships worth of components. He could put together four full ships together right there if he wanted to, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. The basic design was great for its role and they would still manage to fly with some updating on a few parts. He could have these ships ready to fly with just a little more work, but that is not what he wanted to do with these ships. No, he wanted to make them better. He wanted to get his hands on some parts and components then tinker with all of it until they were no longer a symbol of the old Death Watch. He wanted to make them into his vision of what a Mandalorian ship he would make would look like.

With his new goal in mind, Teagan uploaded the barely intact schematics from one of the surviving ship computers to his holopad. He had to get to his duties with the clan and do some studying of the designs. It was time for him to truly begin his project of tinkering with those relics of the past, and he was determined to make the most out of it.
Days had past since Teagan had had a chance to return back to his new little workshop with the salvaged ships still waiting for him as he had left them. There were few chances to study the schematics he had downloaded for the kom'rk class ships with how much maintaining the various ships and vehicles for his clan required. It was if the galaxy at large had a shortage of mechanics and engineers that were willing to or even could work on things. How everything seemed to stay is such perfect condition all the time despite this was beyond him. But he was back to working on his project for now and that was more important that worrying about his previous workload. So he went about setting up his rest area, which still needed more work. Cot with spare bed roll? Check. Salvaged couch with renewed, as best as possible, cushions? Check. Holoprojector hooked up to the holonet on top of a metal desk? Check. Various chair with some around a small breakfast table? Check. And then a double check on the rest of the stuff he would need for a proper "home" that all he had salvaged from here and there.

Teagan laid down onto the couch and stretched out as best he could. His back was already killing him from messing with all of the equipment that needed to be moved in for his living space. Even with repulsor lifts to help, it still required too much twisting around for his back. He was glad the explosion hadn't killed him back home on Doldur, but he really hated the back problems he was now going to have to deal with for the rest of his life. Oh well. He was laying now so he turned on the holonet to a random movie then pulled out his pad to begin studying the designs over. He needed to know these ships inside and out if he was ever going to modify them...or make a brand new schematic for after he was finished.
The movie had reached its natural conclusion and a second was starting up on the screen. Teagan still laid on the couch reading through the schematics for the kom'rk class. They were an odd ship for him. It was designed for both transporting troops as well as being an assault craft. That was interesting, but it made things difficult on trying to modify it. The ship demanded to be better quality in every area to do its two functions, yet there was not much that he could think of at the moment to do that. The hull was already traditionally mandalorian iron and it came with shielding so what could he do for the defenses of the ship? The ship needed to be able to handle taking a beating to be both a transport and assault craft, yet there was no obvious answer for him currently.

Then Teagan sat up. He turned around and got his back against the back cushion and set the holopad on top of the table. The ship was suppose to be made from beskar, so why not just do that? He could reinforce the beskar and improve the naturally durable hull right there. Yes, that would work but he would need to get enough of the metal to do that and with the devastation on Mandalore there was a shortage of it right now. He would have to look into that later, but he pulled up his notes and wrote it down there. This would work if he made it properly and took his time. Next up was looking at upgrading the shielding. It was standard shielding for ships, just basic variants on deflector shielding. Basic and standard were the key words there. He needed to make the shielding not so easily obtained. Perhaps a molecular shielding? Maybe. The only problem he found there was that it could easily overload the shield with it dumping the absorbed energy back into the system. That could be a real problem in thick battles where this ship wanted to be....unless he found a way to actively use that energy. He marked it down in his notes with a (?) next to it and then went back to the schematics. Things were beginning to form in his head on what he wanted to do.

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