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Timber Hound ( pic of it is attached )

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Name: Timber hound

Designation: Hunt in packs and are predators ( so I guess non- sentiment , but can be tamed by a master of the dark side)
Home world : Hoth
Language: none they just growl and bark
Average height for adults : 90 meters height , 30 meters width , 30 meters length (male) , 50 meters height, 20 meters width, 20 meters length
hair colors : white , gray
skin: red

eye color: red and only red

Atmosphere : as long as their is oxygen then it can survive

strengths and weaknesses :

+ Massive size and height ( for males) - 90 meters is around the height of a football field ( America ) the creature is 30 meters in length making it quite wide too with these proportions it makes the creature quite muscular , this is due to the facts that they are predators ( also width is 30)
+ speed 50 miles per hour- along with its size and strength it's very fast making the beast's easily if forced or needed be = become a loner in the harsh planet of hoth based on the fact that it has too strong components to hunting
+ jaw/teeth strength- The beasts jaw strength is as strong as the force of a heavy ion blast allowing it to bite through thicker vehicles if they were to come in contact with this force combined with its razor sharp teeth designed to cut through it's prey makes this more deadly then it's claws
+ claws and arm force: the claws are weaker then its jaws and teeth making the force of its arm only 50 miles with the ability to cut through a metric ton after 10 swipes or so
+/- nose- this predator due to its evolution processes can track a prey 300 yards away unfortunately though this makes the wild beast have a sensitive nose to smelly environments

+/- aggressive nature : anything that is not a plant will be attacked if the beast is wild . this makes it hard to study the creature up close for the fear of being brutally killed is unmatched

+/- Tamable only to darksiders : these beasts can easily become pets of anyone who is predominantly on the darkside section of the force. Meaning others could not have this creature as a companion
+/- this creature not capable of experimentation on: if any genetic components are made to the timber hound the beast will be turned into ash regardless of it being living or dead. Meaning no one can quite find out what the weakness without trial and error because if the beast dies it turns into ash anyway
+/- fur coat : this coat can help the creature survive the worst of the cold environment's making this an ideal animal for those who live in cold areas . but if put in any hot environment the creature becomes easily fatigued due to the fact of the thermal heat being absorbed into the fur coat. also this means that any weapon can go through the beast's first layer of muscle giving advantages to those in quiet large groups . ( 60 infantry or 2 armor )

- maneuverability: the timber wolf may be fast but it cannot reach or fit in small areas making small caves or holes safe havens if you find yourself attacked , not only this but it takes longer to turn different directions when running full speed . this is because most preys run away from the beast making the twist and turns not necessary for ambushing or running after the prey in a straight line .
- living space : the living space needed for this creature if one so does tame the creature would need to be rather large , making it hard to transport food and other items needed to the beast

Appearance / traits : The beasts look like furry four legged monsters that mainly have white fur with the rarities of black and grey . The body type is very bulky and muscular making them intimidating to those who usually have the upper hand in a fist fight when it comes to physicality. The last and final trait is that their eyes are red all of them showing the darkside flowing through these unnatural beasts. Males also tend to be stronger and far larger then the females while females are skinny

Average life span: 300 years
races: commonly white fur but these beasts can also be black ,or grey.
Diet: anything that has meat on them that is not their own race . Plants are poison to these creatures hence why they are distinct carnivores. This is because their digestive system only knows how to digest meat like foods , which if a plant was eaten would give the beast a slow painful death. Most of these hounds therefore growl at plants and tend to become jumpy around them. ( except trees)
Communication: growling, barking , and hissing noises
culture : these beasts have a pack like system consisting of five tiers: The top tier being two alphas male: predominantly in charge of hunting/ protecting the pack , and female: in charge of raising the next generation and nurturing of offspring - Second tier has six beta's usually male roles of the elite enforcers of the alpha's - 3rd tier delta's are like the back bone of the pack filling in as support roles to the rest of the pack . These roles include , baby sitting , guards of the pack while the delta's support the alpha when hunting, extra helping hands for the hunt, and last but not least scouts that patrol the borders of rival packs- the fourth tier consists of canon fodder: They usually are the young pack members who are learning the ropes and are in testing to see which tier they belong in- the last tier : loners these are the timber hounds who are outcastes from their former packs or prefer to survive alone in a less effective manner.= The only way to rise up to the next tier is to challenge the current holder of title position making it a very tough society that kills weakness, which are the ways of the darkside.

tech level: none existent

general behavior : aggressive and territorial

History: their really is no assorted history except a legend. The legend is that Darth Plagues had experimented on how to create life and ended up making the timber hounds into a symbol of the darkside. everything else is unknown.

notable player characters: none (I guess one could rp as one but it would be very challenging)

intent: My intent is simple , to create a pet to which all darkside users could easily obtain, and to create epic guardians of important dark areas . Also this would generate good dungeon type style role plays on hoth for those wanting a tough beast to rival the contenders.

again the picture is a attached file thank you for the consideration
The Admiralty
Denied on accounts of the intent and ginormous proportions of the beast. If you want you can try to second chance the submission in this thread
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