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Tiae'khta Bhenjwa - NPC Apprentice


  • Intent: To create an NPC Apprentice and loyal Hand to serve under Darth Lykos.
  • ​Image Credit:
  • Role: Sith Apprentice, Agent.
  • Links: Currently N/A.

  • Age: 22.
  • Force Sensitivity: Knight.
  • Species: Human.
  • Appearance: She is lithe and tall for her age, possessing a very lean build built more for flexibility and speed than strength. Her skin is pale and relatively unmarked for the majority of her body, the porcelain like features of her skin broken only by the Sith Tattoos that cover her torso. Along her rear side is where her skin stops being of a pale hue, becoming cracked and blackened as if seared, cracks run along her back, within which embers smolder; her wounds held together and at bay solely through the Force (in a manner similar to Darth Sion). Her hair, black and straight reaches down to mid-back when it wasn't constantly worn in a bun, when it is left loose she'll sometimes weave feathers into it. Her eyes, a sulfuric yellow when channeling the Dark Side, are normally grey and are set alongside fine, almost fragile, features.
    What she wears constantly changes, but, a constant is that, more often than not, she fully covers her skin; including a porcelain mask for her face in situations where it would not make her stand out (i.e battle, among Sith Assassins and not in public etc). In fact, she rarely even bares her skin when in private and the only person she feels comfortable showing her skin to is Darth Lykos.

  • Name: Tiae'khta Bhenjwa (Tee-a-keh-ta Benge-wa).
    Titles: Shadow of Conquest, Darth Gvibr, Right Hand of Lykos.

[*]Loyalties: Darth Lykos.
[*]Wealth: Average.
[*]Notable Possessions:
  • ​Lightsaber: A Dual-Phase Saberstaff - Red.
  • Handwritten book with notes on Pyrokinesis.
  • Shade's Cloak


[*]Personality: Naive, quiet, someone who's ruled by the opinions and directions of others, easily controlled. These will be the descriptors that Tiae'khta wants to be used upon meeting her, whether that be out in public where she plays the innocent or among her fellow Sith where she plays the role of an unquestioning and sickeningly loyal weapon wielded by Darth Lykos. The truth of the matter is that beneath this persona, is a viper named Darth Gvibr. Someone to stay in the background, Tiae'khta is more likely to set up a situation that will lead to the defeat of her foes then sit back and watch them collapse than she is to engage them in a fair one on one fight and, to her, life itself is but a series of fights, so even a conversation is a battle in her mind.
She also possesses an obsession with fear and pain, or, more precisely, a desire to witness someone be pushed to the very edge, for them to bend beneath the burdens of pain and fear, so that she can observe whether they shatter beneath the weight or whether they are reborn into something new.
With someone she is comfortable with, she may open up slightly, becoming prone to sarcastic comments, otherwise, she is cold and standoffish (so long as she is not presenting her 'doll' persona). Beneath the attitude and the distance she keeps when interacting with people, their is a sharp mind of intelligence and a skill at reading people.

  • Weapon of Choice: Dual-Phase Saberstaff, The Force, Wits so as to always operate from an advantage when possible, Poison.
  • Combat Function: Tiae'khta relies upon her training in assassination and in striking from a place of advantage (whether that be the advantage of surprise or because she has previously weakened her foe or something else). When fighting with her Lightsaber, she'll use both blades, one blade or even just the hilt itself (as a bludgeoning weapon) and her default style will always be Form III, tight defensive movements to parry blades and block blasters, until an opening presents itself where she'll shift into Form VII. When it comes to hand to hand combat, she'll strike at joints and weak spots (groin, neck, eyes), however, the majority of the time will be spent dodging around attacks.
  • Trained to work in the shadows and strike quickly, it is difficult to see her coming and, if she isn't seen, the fight will be over quickly.
  • Being versatile and agile in equal measure often allows her to dodge harm and utilise her skills effectively.
  • She's unskilled at facing more than one person.
  • She's lacking in physical strength.

Born to parents she never knew and in circumstances she would never learn, the early times of her childhood are but a mystery to Tiae'khta; and one that she feels no desire to undercover. All that she knows is: that her name holds a meaning that she never learnt and will never seek out, but, all the same, her parents gave her that name for a reason; that her parents were Human and that they handed her over to a wandering Jedi when she was young enough that she had no memories of a life outside of the custody of the Jedi. Of course, this lack of knowing and not caring to discover the truth does not mean that she had never thought about it. To the best of her guesses, she assumes that her parents were either too poor to care for her or too infatuated with stories of Jedi to not hand her over when one came to call.

In a way, Tiae'khta holds no affect for anyone that may have known her for her early years: her parents and the Twi'lek Wandering Jedi that took her in - Azik Chroli. She was trained by this Wandering Jedi for as long as he has been present within her memories, never once did she see him as a father figure, always seeing him as a mentor. However, this lack of affection while young served only to hinder whatever goals Azik might have had for her for even as she took in his words and teaching loyally and with deep interest, there existed a distance between them that meant that she did not care for him.

Throughout her formative years, Tiae'khta heard numerous rants about Dark Jedi, Sith and Jedi that did not follow the strict wording of the Jedi Code and, so, it was no surprise when these groups of beings grew to be demonised in her perception of the galaxy, just ash, she would later be sure, Azik had intended. Indeed, later on, after joining with Darth Lykos, she would become sure that Azik had stumbled upon her by accident and, upon discovering her potential within the Force, decided to take her with him and mold her into a weapon against those he saw as blights upon the galaxy, particularly those that embraced the Dark. In fact, she would always be certain of this conclusion whenever she would remember her first meeting with Lykos.

When she was but 19, Azik took Tiae'khta to the planet of Queyta. The full reasoning behind this action would never be explained to her, however, the reason the Twi'lek provided her with upon arrival was but a simple one: he had wanted to test her with a spar in a harsh environment and Queyta just happened to be a nearby planet. Of course, Tiae'khta was sure then just as she would be later on in life, that this reason was a cover for something else. What that something else would be, she would never get the chance to find out as, during the time planetside, she and Azik were assaulted by a Zabrak steeped in Darkness: Darth Lykos.

During the course of the fight, Darth Lykos would succeed in cutting down Azik, his intended target for assassination, but not with as much ease as he had initially planned - on purpose of course. He had seen a glimpse of potential within the Human of the duo and, sensing the gap between Master and Padawan, began to exploit it, taking the time during the fight to exert an emotional assault upon Tiae'khta, breaking her of the view of the galaxy she had held for so long, while stirring Azik up in a fury to the point that he began to draw upon the Dark.

In a final act, heady with the rush of the Dark Side after the emotional battering he'd taken from Lykos, Azik attempted to use Tiae'khta to buy himself time to escape, a ploy that ended with Tiae'khta suffering from a lava flow and Azik dead. Her last memory of that day is of Lykos standing above her, his blade dripping with blood, pain and heat assaulting her body and fear in its purest and darkest of forms before she passed out.

Days later she would awake, alive, but barely. With her was Darth Lykos, who had been attending to her and keeping her from death since the day she suffered her injuries. In a hushed voice, Darth Lykos would speak, promising her a life where she would not be weak nor discarded, where the pain she felt constantly would no longer be a hindrance but a boon and numerous other oaths. In the end, she accepted,the fear she had felt days prior being the main driving force, and Lykos withdrew his influence upon her, leaving her one command before she would lose consciousness: "Live".

She would awaken the next day, pain still present but her wounds no longer worsening. In fact, they would be halted, her body bound in place by the hatred and emotional freedom that she now revealed in. Her back was the worse for that was where her skin had broke and seared, leaving it blackened with tiny embers of flame dancing within the cracks that ran along her back.

Over the next 3 years, Tiae'khta would train under Darth Lykos as his Apprentice, eventually being elevated to Sith Knight and being declared her Master's Right Hand. She would find her fascination in the mind, a fascination with fear and grow to wish to put others under that same fear that had gripped her near the lava flow on Queyta to see if they would break or, like her, would find their paths rewoven. She would also come to form a fascination with the embers that refused to be extinguished on her back. These fascinations would be reflected within her studies of the Force and she would soon become particularly skilled at Mentalism and Pyrokinesis.

However, the most important time for her while she was an Acolyte was soon after she had been taken on as Darth Lykos' Apprentice. He had taken her to Iridonia where she underwent a series of rituals powered by Sith Runes. Some served to strengthen her connection to the Force and to the Dark Side, the majority served to ensure her loyalty to Darth Lykos in one form or another, linking her to him until her soul might pass beyond her body. But, the most important Ritual she underwent was one that she was unconscious for. During the ritual, Darth Lykos called upon his talents with Runes and even Alchemy and his slight forays into Sorcery and infuse a shard, an echo, of his soul within Tiae'khta. This shard has since served to tie her to him all the more but, also, as a method for him to talk to her telepathically with ease and as a safeguard should he ever be cut off from the Force or should his body be killed.

Now in her 22nd year of life, Tiae'khta, Darth Gvibir, serves Darth Lykos loyally as his Right Hand and Shadow.

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