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Thrune Commercial Combine Contracts

The Spacepiress of Chaos

Contract Offered By
Thrune Commercial Combine
Type Of Contract Offered
Holding Company
Financial Services
Investment Services
Insurance Provider
Type of Contract Desired

Contract Description

Thrune Commercial Combine - previously known as Sorenn-Syrush Zaibatsu - is a Holding Company that offers additional services in Financial, Investment and Insurance. This contract is a services rendered contract - in which Thrune Commercial Combine will provide interest parties and individuals with services in exchange for monetary reimbursement; via credits, land, mineral rights, etc etc.

Sizes of contracts are negotiable - i.e. A small Tier 1 Workshop coming to terms with a contract in which Thrune Commercial Combine offers Investment Services in exchange for future services rendered; or An individual takes out an insurance policy on their life, property, etc etc. - as each contract will differ from individual to individual due to their needs differing from one contract to another.

Due to limits - Holding Company services can only be offered to those corporations or workshops whose Tier is below that of Thrune Commercial Combine; which is currently rated as a Tier 3 Corporation.

As an addendum - Holding Company services entails that Thrune Commercial Combine would become the de facto owner of any Corporation or Workshop that opens such a contract - as far as the definition is concerned - "a company created to buy and possess the shares of other companies, which it then controls."