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This Kitty Needs Friends (LFRP)


NPCs by Daalen
So I'm trying to reboot Vorzek, as her initial creation failed (and happened shortly before I took a break from the site). Which means roleplaying!... In more then one thread!... Or at least hopefully!

And I'd rather not have her just to Dominions, Invasions, and/or Skirmishes.

Does anyone want to RP with this semi-grumpy, but eager to learn Kitty? Also, she'll need someone to train her in the force.

{If anyone wants, here's a link to the only preexisting thread Vorzek has right now:

And here is her bio:}


Togorian Barricade
*leans against the nearby wall with raised eyebrows*

Well ... Meow there

I can join in on the fun if you want, but i'm a bit more of a slow poster (once every 1-3 days typically). I can bow out if you start getting a bunch of hyper posters.