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Thinking about Drawing something...

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Okay so, for whatever reason on my English Test last Friday I doodle. This is uncommon for me, I don't normally doodle on my academia (that pounded that out of me by the end of elementary). But the concept of what I was drawing was pretty awesome.

Basically, it was a picture that had all of my active characters. Center stage was @[member="Triam Akovin"], to her left was @[member="Hutuun'Kyramud"], to his left was @[member="Iron Giant"]. To Tri's right was @[member="Stone Hermes"], and to his right was @[member="Old Man"] (I wasn't sure if I was going to add him in there though because I'm not sure if he's going to last as an alt). They were all in front of, however, @[member="Darth Voracitos"]'s spherical ship (The Girth of Gluttony) and his transparent face was floating around above them all.

It was pretty darn sweet for a doodle, and I'd love to have that as a sig. That will be difficult though without a reference as to how that would be assembled. Thus I think I've made a feasible solution. I'm going to draw it!

So what I'm looking for here however, is anyone that knows how to produce digital art, so that you could recreate what I've drawn/sketched. I know nothing of how computer art works and I won't dare attempt it or take away my already limited time to learn it, so I look to the largest most awesomest art community I currently know.

Does anyone have that kind of skill in their resume who would be willing to do this with me?

Antoir Setrrin

I've Met My End
I can help form the sig once the pic is done if you want.