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Thiccie Thighs Ravraa - Three/Four Months of Writing

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Heya there, some of you know me OOC as wendigo kid.

Before I got onto Chaos I had taken a long hiatus from not only RP, but from writing as a whole, it had been about two to three years before I sat down on the site and started writing Ravraa. To be honest, I've never felt a strong pull in any direction for him, and I've just kinda been letting his story develop naturally.

What I wanted to make was a face behind the armor, a person underneath the betaplast who has actual reasons in fighting the war he's seeped in.

Past that, I'm really curious on if I've managed to achieve that, or at least, have regained my "mojo" as it were when it comes to writing. Feedback helps a lot, especially from complete strangers online!
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I haven't had much opportunity to directly interact with you as Ravraa, but I find the character a great read. Reminds me of like, a drifter who's fighting for some cause, whether it's his or another. I feel like I get to peer into the character's mind when he's facing combat, but not in a big old thought bubble of text people favor. It feels more like his actions and how he engages a problem are telling on who he is. I'm interested in seeing where he ends up.
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Ryv Ryv means a lot to get feedback like that! I'm glad that's the vibe you're getting from how he reads, one of the main things I wanted to do with him is make him actually enjoyable to see evolve and deal with problems. I've tried to treat him as an actual character in a story and not just some random jabroni for the most part. Posts should mean something, at least I try to make them mean something

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You write Ravraa extremely well. I think on a few times i've really been able to pick up the vibes you're trying to establish with him, and from my perspective, you've done really well portraying him as a stormtrooper with an actual heart, feelings, and emotions that don't always just involve our little civil war with the Sith.

Very interested in seeing even more growth between him and Dorn-2, and hopefully we'll get to RP between him and Luc within the NIO at some point as well brudda.

10/10 would stormtrooper again.
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Lucien Dooku Lucien Dooku
It means a lot to hear that, as I said to Ryv. My main goal was making some dude that felt like a person underneath the armor, and someone that could be removed from the Civil War without losing who he is underneath it all. I'm trying to show that at the end of the day, no matter the rifle, the emblem, the armor, the environment, people are still going to be people. I'm glad I seem to be managing that!

And anytime, my dude, love your writing, would love a back and forth sometime on a thread! Dorn-2 could use some more Forcies to call friends.