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These Talons Were Made for Ripping


Fondor: 1.5 Galactic Standard Years Ago
Freedom. The feel of the air on his scales, the smell of food cooking on the sides of the street, the sound of air and land speeders and the voices of the people around him.

He hated it.

However, freedom was something he required for the things he had planned. Looking over to his left a toothy Glaucus smirk formed on the man's mouth. He had resources on the outside now...As well as a small following from prison, young Corinthus being one of the more trusted members, him being a Glaucus as well. The two both shared ambition, though for what he knew not what young Corinthus strove toward...Whatever it was though, it started here. This small, unassuming building would become the start of something much much larger...

Fondor: Present Day; Talon headquarters
It had been a hard coming up on two years. There had been ups and downs...But nothing Xern couldn't beat or have beaten and corrected. His gang had grown which was causing its own set of problems. If things kept going the way they were, they would lose all of their funds...Luckily a certain benefactor had contacted him. He didn't know who it was, or why they were contacting him...All he knew is that they knew too much, which was frustrating to say the least. If it was some big wig attempting to black mail them, he could have them murdered without a problem...But he might as well hear what they had to say first.

Sitting in the comfortable chair deep below Spirits of Khar'shan's HQ in the Talon's main base he switched the holoreciever on. With him was @[member="Kelik Corinthus"], his second in command. They would hear this man's offer...Weather or not it would benefit them remained to be seen.
@[member="Tyrin Ardik"]​
Derisive Umbaran
@[member="Xern Arterius"]
@[member="Kelik Corinthus"]

The hologram that appeared before the two criminals was an indecipherable mess of static. Well, nearly indecipherable. If the two of them took advanced steps to decrypt and clear through the clutter purposely embedded in the image, they would find a rotating display of a Gamorrean warrior. Even behind a hologram that was riddled with encryption, Tyrin wasn't going to put his face on any of this. If the crooks were to trace the signal, they would find that it was coming from the Exocron system, though there would be nothing there for them by the time they arrived. Tyrin was a cautious man, after all. He did not want the Empire to be implicated in anything should these terrorists-to-be were brought to justice and interrogated in the Protectorate. That would potentially prompt a war with them and trip up relations with the Republic before they were ready to be tripped up. Anonymity needed to be exercised here.

"This thing on? Oh, there you are," a layered, synthetic voice sounded. "You two. Yeah. You're the ones causing problems in Protectorate space, aren't you?"

Kelik Corinthus

Kelik stood at Xern's side with arms crossed and eagerness in his mind. He had waited too long in the vowels of a Protectorate prison for this moment. He looked towards Xerin and, in a hushed tone, said "Is this some sort of joke, Arterius? I have no time for jokes." Kelik then changed his position to Xern's right-side and clasped his hands behind his back. Kelik jumbled through his minds for many plans to deal with the Protectorate's and their citizens, no matter to cause. Ithari watched over him in all his endeavors. This particular one will surely please the god of war.

@[member="Tyrin Ardik"] | @[member="Xern Arterius"]


Raising his hand to stop his associate from speaking out of turn, Xern's yellow eyes glared up at the hologram of static. He didn't feel the need to attempt to decrypt the mess of static, as any help at this point was good help. Of course he did have specialists attempt to trace it, making sure that the transmission was not in fact coming from some Omega signal tower or station somewhere else. Luckily for the small terrorist organization, the signal came from deep within the Exocron system, debunking the possibility that the signal was Omega owned.

"Indeed we are." His voice was calm, yet deep, the flanging effect in his voice slightly distorted, making him sound even stranger over long distance holocommunication. In the hologram he could be seen sitting in some sort of chair, his legs crossed and the image distorting and fizzing every so often. Obviously the Talons did not have quite the budget for such a long distance call, but Xern would not show weakness. He would remain strong, even in the face of this unknown potential ally.
@[member="Kelik Corinthus"] @[member="Tyrin Ardik"]​
Derisive Umbaran
@[member="Xern Arterius"] | @[member="Kelik Corinthus"]

"Goood. That's good." Said the layered voice, managing to express some degree of pleasure. There was a pause.

"How are you guys with finances? You all good with your finances? How about weapons?"