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There Are Many Paths to Tread (OOC)

Figured I should get this thread going so that any questions could be asked.

At the moment I figure that there will be 30 posts per a section of the thread and then ten for the denouement.

Part 1: Where we are at the moment, meeting and then development
Part 2: Testing of the equipment
Part 3: Transportation to the AR and consequential time of surviving and escape

Of course this is likely to change a lot and is just a general road map.

As for the research part, I have only a basic idea of what exactly will be found. Anyone studying the material is free to discover/mention the following, or add other concepts:

1. The material's energy causes atoms to become excited while avoiding oxidization
2. Direct exposure to intense heat or open electricity causes rapid deterioration of material

[member="Thraxis"] [member="Vigilant"] [member="Damien Daemon"]
Sorry for not being active in the thread, I will post again soon hopefully.

If you three are still interested, how would you like to proceed through the dev of the process. Simply time-jump forward or a couple posts in between?

[member="Vigil"] [member="Thraxis"] [member="Darth Pikiran"]

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