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Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Image Source: Oohlo.com /kingHenrythetudors/ Jonathen Rhys Meyers

Name: Thedosius Organa​
Faction: (SJO)
Rank: Master​
Species: Kashi / Alderaanian Royalty​
Age: 27​
Sex: Male​
Height: 1.78m / 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 72 kg / 158lbs
Eyes: blue​
Hair: black​
Skin: Caucasian​
Force Sensitive: Yes​

Strengths :

{+}Nature’s Blessing: Long ago the Kashis’ souls were alchemically altered. It forever changed their souls and the souls of their children. Not every Kashi child is blessed with Nature’s Blessing. Those that are blessed, their emotions are connected with nature. Through this affinity they can learn nature based Force Skills at a greater speed, then the average pace of a Force Student. Their ability to control, alter, and sense (Nature based Force Abilities Only) is done with a more fluid and quickened rate.

{+}The Peace of Nature: Theo’s Kashi Spirit (Soul) is unique. Long ago the Kashis’ souls were alchemically altered. It forever changed their souls and the souls of their children. When Theo is not angered he feels a deep tranquility. He still feels other emotions like love and happiness. It just is not as strong as an emotional feeling as the calm he feels from nature.

{+} Whispers of the Elements: The whispers of the elements, the Kashi form of precognition. Sometime the message is chaotic or cryptic much like other Force Precognition Skills. It could come in the form the wind whispers. Or the way a Hawk flies in the sky. Through their connection with nature they can hear and understand the spirits of nature. (Kashi/Kro Var/Nature Based)


{-} Nature’s Wrath: Theo’s emotions are link with nature. When he is angered so is the environment around him. It is only the direct area around him. When this happens the environment (Water/Fire/Air/Earth/Or their quzielemental counter parts) Act on their own. Theo has no control over this. This reaction cannot happen too far away from him. It happens in close proximity to his location. No far then a mile away. This reaction does not have unlimited power. It can’t react with large tsunami waves that could crush a city. The elemental reaction is actually far smaller degree of power.

An example of a possible reaction…

Theo is in a large medical complex. He hears that his friend made it out of surgery and is currently in the critical care unit. That is good news Theo would be happy to hear his friend would be alright. Then he hears the bad news from another friend in the room. His friend Steve that is currently in critical care was not injured by accident. He was found in his apartment with several stab wounds. The police believe someone had stabbed him.

Who would not get mad in a situation? Theo would be. So he feels anger. The environment around him feels the anger. The environment around reacts to what would make it angry… not what Theo is angry about.

Elsewhere in this hospital, they had been secretly using small animals for experimental drugs. In one of the cages is a very angry Nexu. (A large Cat like Creature) The air around the lock becomes agitated. The friction increases. The metal lock becomes red hot and the temperature of the lock continues to rise. The lock now in a malleable state amd is at risk of braking. The large cat uses its weight on the cages door. The lock brakes and now the large angry cat is free!

{-} The Will of Nature: Theo is a servant of the Living Force. He willingly tends to its gardens. Sometimes he has compulsions not f his own. He is a force of nature and sometimes, if it requires it, he will prune what the will of the Living Force asks.

{-} The Silence of Spirits: Theo has a hard time understanding the concept and usage of other paths of precognition skills. To him the message is spoken in a strange language he can’t understand. (Any Path that is not nature based)

Normal Appearance:​
Image Source: Pinterest.com/ King Henry Tudor/ Jonathan Rhys Myers

Father: Togashi Yokuni ([member="Garith Darkhold"] )​
Mother: [member="Arianna Organa"] (Former Queen of Alderaan)​
Brother: [member="Garith Darkhold JR"]​
Sister: [member="Faith Organa"] , Current Queen of Alderaan​
Sister: [member="Arabella Darkhold"]​
In-laws: [member="Draco Vereen"]​
Nephew & Nieces: yes​


His history is very extensive. It will be filled in with greater detail later. (The majority of his history was written on that guy's craft-shop)

(One major point to mention is he has lost the memories of his past. He does not know his name or where he has come from. He just knows the Living Force who guides him.)


Kashi Skills - There was no easy path to learn the Kashi Skills of the Breath. The Kashi Race had died of long ago. Theo was not raised by his father. The few times he did speak to his father, his father said nothing about the Kashi Race. To the galaxy at large believes the Kashi Race went extinct in the year of 25,000 BBY. A lone Jedi had stole a wonders stone from the planet Kashi. Little did she know that stone was keeping the planet from going super nova? In her ignorance and greed she had almost whipped out all of the Kashi. Two family lines had survived. There are two Kashi families living, the [member="Garith Darkhold"] /Organa and the [member="Ronin Wendigo"] family line. There may be more but the galaxy has not reviled them, as of yet.

There were no living masters for Theo to learn the Kashi skills from, without his father’s guidance. It was the spirits of nature that guided Theo. The Force has its own special way of balancing itself. In this case the druidic makeup of the Kashi soul was the key for Theo to discover his heritage. In every sense of the term, Theo is a Kashi Mystic, a Guardian of the Breath.

Kro Var Shaping – The Shapers of Kro Var. Another sect of elemental based Force Cult. Primarily a Dark Side Cult, that fact did not detour Theo, in his pursuit to understand what it meant to be a Guardian of the Breath. Theo is just not adept at Shaping. Through the blessings of nature he is capable of dangerous and wondrous feats. Theo is verse in more then one or two elements. Through the Blessings of Nature he can channel Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Jedi Skills – Theo is adept in the some of the Jedi arts. His former Master in such arts [member="Erinyes Draclau"] .


Theo while versed in lightsaber combat, he does not favor the sword/staff. While in combat he will utilize a saber for mainly defensive purposes. Early on Theo will mix Force skills with saber combat. During this course he will be testing his opponent and eventually leading his opponent into some complex trap using the environment around him.


A Kro Var Form - Similar to earth’s Aikido this martial arts it reactionary and not typically aggressive. When the opponent attacks Theo... Theo's countering moves take advantage of their opponents’ weight, strength, and power and then uses it to the his advantage.