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Approved Starship The Wolf Templar

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  • Intent: To submit a ship for use by Savitor
  • Image Source: Here and Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: Here(Stygium),
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Classification: Corvette
  • Length: 175m
  • Width: 75m
  • Height: 60m
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive Class: Class 1.0 (Class 5.0 Backup)
  • Crew: 30
    Minimum Crew: 10

[*]Passengers: 100
[*]Cargo Capacity: 3000 Metric Tonnes
[*]Consumables: 1 Year

[*]Environmental Systems:

[*]Medical Bay
[*]Navigation System
[*]Ray Shields

[*]Propulsion Systems:

[*]Ion Drives
[*]Maneuvering Jets

[*]Sensor and Targeting Systems:

[*]Cloaking Device

  • Rating: High
  • Armaments:
    Capitol Armament:
    5x Turbolaser (30)
  • 2x Quad Laser Cannon (4)
  • Total: 34

[*]Warhead Armament:
  • 2x Concussion Missile Launchers (46)
  • Total: 6

[*]Overall Total: 40

[*]Anti-Concussion Field Generator



  • 1/2 Squadron

  • Strengths:
    [+] The Wolf Templar has a cloaking device, rendering it invisible

  • [-] The Wolf Templar lacks weapons to protect its rear. Making it the most vulnerable area
  • [-] While not a massive one, the Wolf Templar Class Corvette still has a small command bridge akin to that of Star Destroyers which offers a convenient target.
  • [-] The Wolf Templar's cannot jump to hyperspace if its main engine is below 50% power, rendering it a vulnerable area
  • [-] Despite being heavily armed for its class, the Wolf Templar actually lacks a large number of weapons.

The Wolf Templar class corvette is a unique ship based off the old Imperial Raider, though updated for the modern age and improved to be better than almost any mass produced ship. It possess four decks counting its command bridge, which is raised like an Imperial Class Star Destroyer's.
Top Deck: The top deck is the command bridge and is the smallest one. It hosts a small number of command pits and most of the ships primary systems. While the sips defensive armaments can be aimed and fired from here, the warheads and capitol armaments cannot. The Top Deck can also seal itself off from the rest of the ship in case of emergency

Second Deck: The second deck houses the ships armory and the controls to the ships warheads, defensive armaments, and capitol armaments. The total weapon count for the ship numbers just under two hundred and seventy-five meaning that the ship can be a devastating opponent, particularly when the second deck is fully manned. The third deck is also known as the weapons deck or D2.

Third Deck: The third deck houses the galley, brig and most of the other components of the ship. It is also the home of the crews quarters and the passengers quarters as well. Also known as the Matinence deck, House Deck, or D3.

Fourth Deck: The fourth deck consists of the hangar and storerooms. As well as the cargo hold, The hangar houses half of a squadron and the cargo hold is capable of carrying a thousand metric tons. Finally, the storerooms contain a year worth of rations.
Please change the armaments to be closer to a High rating in the template:

30 Turbolasers
6 Warhead Launchers
4 Quad lasers

There is too much going on this for its size by a long way.

You haven't done a mission thread for Stygium so what kind of cloak is this? If it's Hybridium please add the double- blind effect as a weakness (your ship can't see out if the cloaking field)

If it's Stygium please do the restricted mission thread and also add some additional weakness to balance out being very powerful and fast for its size AND being cloaked.
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