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Approved Tech The Wheel Arena

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Intent: To host, contain, and record gladiatorial matches on the Wheel for profit and prestige for both the Wheel and the Gladiators.
Development Thread: I can do one if you want.
Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: The Wheel, Open to All
Production: Unique, only found on the Wheel
Material: Mixture of materials including, but not limited to, durasteel, plasteel, steel, duracrete, and reinforced concrete.
Description: The arena was designed to allow the Wheel to host gladiatorial combat matches on board the station. The only facility of its kind, the Wheel Arena is a state of the art facility that can contain the violence of the gladiatorial matches as well as record the fights for distribution throughout the galaxy. The arena is set at the very bottom of the central spire and is accessible by a large number of turbolifts from the middle of the spire.

The arena itself is a circular ring approximately 125 yards in diameter and is walled in by reinforced concrete and duracrete with a thick, durasteel casing to contain the matched fights and protect the audience from explosions, debris, and other dangerous effects. Overhead, the arena top is covered in a powerful shield to keep the fight inside the ring and out of the stands. It also keeps the noise of the crowd out of the arena, allowing the combatants to focus on the match. Two primary blast doors made of durasteel and plasteel allow entry to the arena, though a number of smaller doors, elevators, and access hatches allow for larger creatures or combatants to be placed within the arena and to allow groundskeepers on the premise to maintain the arena itself.

The stadium surrounds the arena and is made of steel seats set on reinforced concrete shelves. The stadium wraps completely around the arena for maximum viewing and rises high into nosebleed section. Obviously, the closer you are to the fight, the better the view and the more costly the ticket. On one side, set into the center and dominating the stands is the Judge's stand. Up in the Judge's stand sits the Match Judge who presides over the fight and, ultimately, determines the fate of defeated gladiators. Across and directly above the arena hangs the announcer's booth where the match is narrated and commentary given. Around the booth and all over the stadium itself are mounted holoscreens to allow all spectators a perfect view of the match as it progresses. Also, set around the arena, are various holoprojectors capable of showing both match specific content and advertisements for future matches, Wheel locations, and various businesses around the galaxy.

Lord Ghoul

This doesn't need a tech sub. Approved regardless. Submit anymore such buildings and they will be denied. Fool me once...
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