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The Way Of Fire (Training)


Tenebris In Lucem
It was a curious thing, a power unlike the force. There was no true extremes of either light or dark, it was more about the element itself. At least that is what he read from holo-disks as well as hearing rumors from the good old vine of bars and word of mouth from passing mercenaries.

There was one thing Jericho loved more than anything else in this life and that was knowledge. Hearing of this unique ability his insatiable thirst for knowledge took hold. Another chance to improve himself even further more than just a jedi, than a warrior, but a lorridian at the peak physical and mental might as well with the wisdom and knowledge of many.

His journey thus far has led him here, to gain more knowledge of the universe. Jericho walked into the hallowed halls of the temple; of this.....'Academy', so to speak. Hearing of a great master in elemental shaping. It was night and the temple halls were quiet as it was dark as night. The warrior Jedi remained quiet with his guard up ready for anything. His orange-double saber was engaged and lit up the way for him to walk.

Feeling an aura around him, he quietly followed it until he reached a chamber.

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Like Lightning
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Standing in the middle of the chamber, well if you counted standing as floating. The dome on the top of the room seemed to become endless with the paint work that was done. Making the entirety of the day or night seem alive. I could hear the thrum of the world through the force. Having powers of Earth, Wind, and most importantly Fire, I could do just about anything. I could raise the planet, create volcanoes, hell, I could start storms and that was not the limit.

I wore my simple attire of a leather vets with no shirt, skinny faded jeans, combat boots, a chain belt, and with a lightsaber on my hip. I played with my fathers ring. Placed on my ring finger along with bladed rings. giving my right hand the look of a Sith spawn in the making. Clearly I could hear the hum of a saber from up in the sky, just feet from the dome of the great room.

Allowing myself to float down, I touched the surface of the floor like a feather. And with the sight of two orange glowing blades, I smiled. It looked as though I would be having an apprentice in the arts of fire. And possibly if he could prove himself, the air, and ground as well.

"Welcome to the Council of Sorcery, You come for treatment in the aspects of fire, correct? If so, then you may relinquish your saber." Lifting my left hand and snapping all the torches in the room suddenly burst into flame. Behind me was a table with a cloth over something. I smiled. "I am Morna Imura, The Exiled Fire shaper, Lord of the Fringe, Element wielder, and most of all, The Heart of the Phoenix. Welcome once more. We will begin when you are ready."



Tenebris In Lucem
Everyone he had seem to be meeting had some sort of title that they took pride in. General, emperor, king, exile, princess, master, Jedi lord, darth something or another and the list could continue on for days. While Jericho simply by his name and not more else. The man lowered his head in a bow showing the respect to the man he was hovering before with an arm placed on his chest.

When he rose, Jericho witnessed with a mere snap of the hovering man's finger the torches of the entire room lit up with life and filled the dark room with light. Impressively done. At the request of the element master, Jericho raised a hand and without a word his three sabers began to hover around him elegantly until they floated in front of him. After doing so, the sabers glided to the shaper and gently were placed on the ground before him.

"I am Jericho." He stated in his usual low tone and stern voice. "I am ready to begin."

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