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The Very Model

Jorga the Hutt

When life gives you Mandos, make Mando'ade
[SIZE=11pt]I am the very model of a modern Mandalorian[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I quote the Resol’nare but leave the history to historians[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I know the safe proportions for relationships incestuous[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I breed and field child soldiers who can fight just like the rest of us[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I'm very well acquainted too with grudges hypocritical[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]And none are quicker to declare their actions apolitical[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Of accusations bold and firm I never have a paucity[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]And many cheerful facts about the other side’s atrocity[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt](And many cheerful facts about the other side's atrocity!)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Maneuvering all unencumbered lightly and fantastically[/SIZE]
I wear the densest metal in the verse quite unironically
[SIZE=11pt]In short, in all opinions I will take a stand stentorian[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I am the very model of a modern Mandalorian[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]In every martial contest and discussion metallurgical[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]My championship of beskar often borders on liturgical[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]My leadership is based on photogenic sociopathy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]My latest illegitimate is sure to be a prodigy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I'd never deign to wield cortosis, phrik, or lesser composites[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I'm very prudent when I pick a safe objective for a blitz[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I know just who is absent and whose holdings to amalgamate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]My tactical proclivity's to murder then to obfuscate[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt](My tactical proclivity’s to murder then to obfuscate!)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]My governance approach depends on copious intoxicants[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]And there’s no issue large or small where I'll refrain to take a stance[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]In short, in matters ethical and supergladitorian[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]I am the very model of a modern Mandalorian[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]-Attributed to Connory, Bard of the Hyperlanes, ca. 851ABY[/SIZE]