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Alliance Commando

Image Source: Links; Travis Bundy's Artstation, LocalSolo Profile
Intent: To create a Standard Rapid Response/ Reconnaissance Speeder Bike for the Galactic Alliance, and Other Factions out in the Black. (And provide [member="Reverance"] / [member="Gabriel Sionoma"] with an Ironic Ride.)
Development Thread: If Necessary
Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation.
Model: REC Passerine Series Speeder Bike(s), Generation One - the 'Valravn.'
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Open Market
Modularity: Yes, Enamel Schemes, Additional Modules (Explained Below.)
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Durasteel, Glasteel, Repulsor Components, Blaster Components, Avionics/Electronics, Enamel Coating
Role: Reconnaissance/Expeditionary/Patrol/Calvary Repulsorcraft.

~ Technical Specifications ~
Height: 0.83m (Approx)
Length: 5m (Approx.)
Width: 1.5m (Approx.)
Weight: 500 KG ( 1102 LBS Approx.)
Minimum Crew: 1 Pilot
Optimal Crew: 1 Pilot
Propulsion: Repulsorlift/Repulsorcraft
Top Speed: 510 KM/H (Maximum Speed.)
Safety Regulation Speed: 300 KM/H
Armaments: Twin-linked Light Blaster Cannons - Underslung.
Squadron Count: Twenty-Four (Purchased In
Passenger Capacity: One (Pending Module Attachments. )
Cargo Capacity: 5 KG (Interior Compartments.) 15 KG (Pending Module Attachments.)
Consumables: One Day's Worth of MRE's.

Misc. Equipment:
  • Short-Range Sensors - HUD Linkup.
  • Short and Long Range Communications with Short-Range Jammers.
  • Auto-Pilot with integrated Auto-Brake feature.
  • Shock/Kinetic Force Dampening Seat. (Cushioned for Comfort.)
  • Weather-Resistant Coating/Modules. (Crucial/Electronic Systems.)
  • Hydraulic/Mechanical Landing Gears.
  • Speedometer/Altimeter.
  • Collision Detection/ Prevention System.
  • Integrated Steering Vanes.
  • Stabilizing Fins.
  • Secondary Booster Thrust Units.
  • Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters.
  • High-Powered Head/Foglights.

  • Anti-Gravtic Propulsion. (Repulorcraft.)
  • Swift and Nimble.
  • Utilitarian.

  • Minimal Atmospheric Clearance.
  • Sacrifices Armour Plating for Speed.
  • Scout/Expeditionary Vehicle.

~ Description ~

Characteristics: Though a visual departure from the ancient design of the 74-Z Speeder Bike produced by the Aratech Repulsor Company in the time before the Dark Ages, the "Valravn" carries itself in a similar manner. Two, armored frontal prongs contain much of the maneuvering thrusters and steering vanes, allowing for precision turns at high velocities. With three stabilizing fins, two located on both the left and right sides of the speeder bike along with one mounted beneath the chassis, the repulsorcraft can retain its balance during operation. Internalized compartments dot the exterior of the central enclosure, allowing for both the operator and service technician to reach the critical parts underneath the enameled husk, without having to remove the plating to do so. Also, several of these compartments do not reach the crucial components beneath but allow the storage of various pieces of personal cargo ranging from survival gear to ration packs. Support struts on both the front of the speeder bike, between the twin-pronged prow and on the rear of the seat allow for additional modules to be attached to the speeder bike. Some examples would be supplementary saddle-bags and/ or a front mounted winch. As a secondary thruster system has been implemented, the three engines combined allows for a limited increase in velocity for a short amount of time, before the integrated governor kicks in and throttles the speed to match posted regulation speeds in various Core Systems.

History: As the Republic Engineering Corporation had begun the reclamation efforts over their facilities on Coruscant, they had required additional funds. To which end, their patrons in the Galactic Alliance was all too happy to provide in the form of a military contract - one that required the company to provide a veritable assortment of vehicles to service their ever growing needs. Thus, as the tentative papers were drawn, the newly returned technicians at the REC began with the smallest item they could - to be not only cost effective but to secure themselves the most generous portion of such a lucrative deal without utilizing much of their dwindling profit margin.

After several hours of intensive brainstorming, the first generation of the Passerine series Speeder Bikes was formulated. They began by taking the name of a mythological bird that had supposedly belonged to the Passerine genus, which was determined by their arrangement of toes which allowed them to perch. Two forward facing talons with a stabilizing one in the rear. Thus, the conceptual design had become a reality, as they took their image of an avian creature's and rendered it in steel. From there, the "Valravn" was born, and would in the future provide the basis for an entire series of Speeder Bikes to be produced by the REC.

Primary Source: Re-purposed Canon Articles, Images of Destiny's Sparrow/Shrike from Bungie.
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