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The Val Cluster Campaign - Presanus Rising

"Our strength alone..."
The time had come. In that moment across the Cluster their ancient imperial rivals were gathering a force to wipe all those that would not conform to their beliefs from the Cluster. There were those however that would not stand for such an indignity.

A loud thump filling the air, the man's finger tapping upon the microphone. A soft smirk crossing his lips as he placed his hands upon the large pedestal that he stood before. His eyes fell upon those gathered before him, though what was gathered was a large force of soldiers and officers. None of those calling for religion or the belief in some mythical being. No this was an army, one trained and brought together through the sheer might of Presanus alone, and it would be this Confederate army led by Presanus that would secure the Val Cluster.

"Now is the time that we must strike! Now as the enemy gathers its forces we must gathers out and drive them from this Cluster!"

The man's fist slammed against the pedestal, shaking it for a moment before it was struck once more. His voice trembling though not in fear, nay for it trembled with rage and fury.

"Our lives, our people are being threatened by those that would see us destroyed, just as they destroyed our once glorious home!"

A loud roaring cheer tore through the air as the soldiers began to stop their foot upon the ground. First it started out as a small thud, then it quickly turned into a thunderous beat. The sky trembled as the vibrations of dropships shuddered the air, their heavy engines humming above the crowd as they moved into place. The roaring engines of machines of war sounded up as the vehicles across the massive gathering were quickly brought online.

"As they call for their religion to spread across the galaxy, they would see each and everyone of us obliterated for not following suit!"

Another roaring cheer came across the crowd, the man smirking as his fist once more slammed down upon the podium.

"You shall be the instrument of the Presanus Confederation! You shall march across the Val Cluster and liberate the worlds held by the Empire of Val Reskiea and their religion of falsities!"

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