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The Vagrant Queen [WIP]

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy

The Vagrant Queen

OOC Information
Intent: To refit an old Collateral Hulk into a unique Battlecruiser to be sold at auction to a Major Faction.
Image Source:
Canon Link: NA
Restricted Missions: NA
Primary Source: Collateral Hulk

Vagrant Queen General Information
Manufacturer: Original Collateral Hulk built by Sienar Fleet Systems, Saiba, Hoersch Kessel Driveworks, inc. Refitted and repaired by Kothlis Shipyards and the Imperial Remnant.
Model: NA
Affiliation: Closed Market
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, Turadium, Quadranium, Glasteel.

Vagrant Queen Technical Specs
Classification: Battlecruiser
Length: 3000 Meters
Width: 3000 Meters
Height: 1500 Meters
Maneuverability Rating:
Speed Rating: Class 1
Hyperdrive Class: Class 10


• 10 Heavy Long Range Mass Driver Batteries (100 Batteries) [Prow Only]
• 50 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries (100 Batteries)
• 50 Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries (100 Batteries)
• 100 Heavy Deck Cannons (100 Batteries)
• 200 Fastmount Turbolasers (50 Batteries)
• 30 Assault Concussion Missile Launchers [Prow/Starboard/Port]
• 25 Cluster Concussion Missile Launchers
• 20 Heavy Quad Lasers (40)
• 40 Quad Lasers (40)
• 80 Flak Cannons (80)
• 60 Point Defense Emplacements
• 1 Proton Beam Cannon [Non super weapon]


• Advanced Targeting Systems
• Advanced Interlocking Shielding Grid
• Redundant Shield system
• Advanced Long-Range Sensory Array
• Advanced Long-Range Communications Array
• Command and Control Station (In addition to bridges: for commanding large scale military operations)
• Combat simulation chambers
• Internal anti-intruder defences (shields, turrets, blastdoors, battledroids)
• 20 Tractor Beam generators



10 Squadrons:
• 2 Gunship/ Drop-ship
• 2 Elite Fighter
• 2 Standard Fighter
• 1 Interceptor
• 3 Bomber

Special Features
Tainted: The Vagrant Queen is more than just a ship, it has history. A deep history of violence, fear, and dread. In their last moments before plummeting into the surface of Roon, these feelings were stained into the ship. For force sensitives these thoughts and emotions can still be felt even if only slightly.

Proton Beam: Snagging a Proton Beam Cannon from the Imperial Remnant Shipyards, the Vagrant Queen goes beyond that of the old Collateral Hulk design and can even rival that of the Jupitus, it's sister ship. This weapon is deadly and capable of sinking ships with brutal efficiency.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Size: The Vagrant Queen is a big ship, like a really big freaking ship. The sheer size of it is intimidating enough to end fights before they even start.
Fire power: The Vagrant Queen while not sporting a more massive amount of guns for a ship its size, it still packs a hell of a punch. With its proton beam cannon along with its current array of weapons its provides more than enough guns to get the job done.
Slow: While it's not as slow as its previous design due to the loss of Yorik Coral, it's still dreadfully slow at a class 17 for maneuverability. So it's not the fastest ship in the west that's for sure.
Armor: The only reason why there was enough of this ship to salvage and repair was due to its Yorik Coral plating shielding the ship through its descent into the atmosphere and following crash. This has completely removed the Yorik Coral and it has since been replaced with the standard steel plating most ships have. Meaning it's a lot more vulnerable than its previous build.



Falling from the skies of Roon the Collateral Hulk sunk by Miss Blonde and the Black Tie Syndicate was thought all but lost. Fires consumed the capital, the Obsidian Order temples were burnt to the ground, and mass theft had all but ruined the planet. In all that darkness and destruction something miraculous happened. The droids of the Techno Union who had been stripped of their meaning and left for dead flocked around the fallen Collateral Hulk and began to pick up the pieces of its broken form. Spending years building a makeshift city and putting what they could of the ship back together from the parts of decommissioned and Hulks and other ships, the fallen Collateral Hulk once more had a pulse. Life had been breathed back into it.

But the story doesn't have a happy ending. Returning to finish the job, Miss Blonde slaughtered the droids, burned their homes to ash, and had the massive ship drug out of its hole and tugged for weeks to the neighboring Imperial Remnant where she called in a few favors to have the ship completely repaired and refit. From there it was born again not as a Collateral Hulk, or anything remotely resembling an Imperial ship. It was its own beautiful monstrosity without a home or a place to call its own. So it was thusly dawned The Vagrant Queen.

Strengths. Sporting a massive size, powerful armament, and the ability to serve as a HQ for sector wide operations. The Vagrant Queen brings a lot to the table for what it's capable of doing. It can quite easily take on other capital ships, space stations, and most ships that you encounter in today's Galaxy. It even rivals that of its sister ship The Jupitus which is simply a slightly modified Collateral Hulk with a large ion cannon meant for disabling ships. But rather than going for disabling and placing a ship dead in the water, The Vagrant Queen opts for a more ruthless Imperial solution. Coming equipped with a deadly proton beam cannon, this weapon is very capable of delivering mass death and destruction. While it won't destroy a planet like its predecessors, it can deliver devastating firepower to other ships, and have the ability to provide more firepower in BDZ operations. Should the need ever arise.

Weaknesses. Being a very slow ship is a bit of an understatement. Though it's a bit more maneuverable than its previous design, it's still comparing a snail to a sloth. This means it's not going to be able to dodge most attacks if any at all. It has to rely heavily on its redundant shielding and defensive shielding grid. Once those have been taken down then the Vagrant Queen is vulnerable. Turbo lasers and other forms of attack can cause large amounts of damage to the ship due to its lack of Yorik Coral armor. Though while this kind certainly isn't a joke, it's still much more vulnerable to fast attack bombers who can get in close once it's shields are down. Though this isn't the only thing the ship suffers from. The Vagrant Queen burns power for days, meaning it takes a lot of energy to operate. So you'll find multiple reactors on the ship from ionization drives to a full blown hyper matter annihilator, and these are extremely crucial for the ship to run. If even one was destroyed then the entire ship's performance and efficiency would begin to lessen. Systems would slowly shut down and the crew might find themselves having to make tough decisions on what areas of the ship to offline in order to conserve power and function.

Summary. The Vagrant Queen is testament to what Miss Blonde and Syndicate are capable of accomplishing. The people they know, and the lengths they can go to, all of these play into how they get the job done with ruthless efficiency. So if ever you see The Vagrant Queen on the field, just know that it was Syndicate and Miss Blonde who put it there.

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