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The Underground Letters of Olra'en and Solo

Tahira Solo

I've got my ticket for the long way round

I miss your warmth. I miss how things were before. I miss…us.

That is neither here nor there when something I’ve heard on the space-lanes looms over my thoughts. I almost feel silly writing it. No, maybe I’m scared. Is it true, my dearest? Have you joined the Galactic Empire?

If you have, do you realize what that means for us? Do you realize they would arrest me if I set foot on the Emperor’s ground?

I hope I’m wrong. If not, I hope I haven’t lost the man I fell in love with.

You know where to find me,


@Je'gan Olra'en

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
@[member="Tahira Solo"],

Lover, do you remember that time when I asked you to be Grandmaster? You were right to say no, and I wish to every god that I'd said no when Ben asked me. Taking that job told me two things. Well, more than that, but two things that really matter. Number one, I was not enough. I wasn't good enough, smart enough, wise enough, or righteous enough. Number two, I was still the best Jedi for the job, with Ben and Darron and Teferi gone.

I waited four hundred years for the Republic to return, but what came back was rotten, evil with all the symbolism of good and a shipload of justifications. Think about Contruum, where they armed terrorists and then left them to die when they became inconvenient -- Cato Neimoidia, which they conquered because of its tariff barriers -- Nar Shaddaa, which they conquered over a personal insult -- Manaan, where their side sank half of Ahto City to deny it to the Empire -- and of course Metalorn, where a Jedi Master used our power to kill thousands of friendly civilians. She's back in the Jedi Order now, all is forgiven, no consequences at all. Same goes for the Grandmaster, who broke dozens of Republic laws as a Jedi Shadow.

I wish the Republic and the modern Jedi Order weren't worthless. I very much wish they weren't evil. But since both of them are both of those things, I had to leave.

Nearly nobody knows I went to Atrisia, and the Order would put a hit on me if they knew. To my surprise, it was the only place around with any semblance of rule of law or justice or honor. That, and when the Lords of the Fringe attacked, Atrisia needed help or it would have been wiped out. I was able to talk sense into the leaders of the Fringe, and they left. It's still bizarre to me that I can be more of a Jedi now that I've left the Jedi. Will I help the Empire invade people? Well, I'd rather see some of these Fringe worlds ruled by someone with a sense of honor, instead of my granddaughter. That, and I don't doubt that the Republic is going to invade at some point. And over my dead body am I going to see the Republic crusade its way over another world.

I'm sorry to ramble, and I know this must sound like a load of justifications for what looks like a very bad decision. Maybe it'll still prove to be a very bad decision. I wish I'd talked to you before I got out of the Republic, but I didn't trust the comms. I wasn't a very popular grandmaster. Exiled too many Masters for their crimes.

If you give me a little time, I can find a way to get you in. I'm sending Atrisian Galactic Empire ident papers, for you, fake ones made by the real people.

All the heroes turned out to be villains except you. You really did have the right idea, staying to the Rim, doing what good you could.

Give my regards to the top drawer.

Love, Je'gan

Tahira Solo

I've got my ticket for the long way round
@Je'gan Olra'en


A boy came in the clinic the other day and he had the blackest eyes – reminded me of you. How is it no matter how many times you destroy your body, you somehow manage to come back with those endless, piercing depths? I swear that holocron had moments of blackness that matched those eyes. Maybe that’s just part of your unyielding soul no matter what form you take.

And exiling masters., Dearest, like everything that operates in the Republic, that wasn’t your own decision. I recall that being a council vote. The position of Grandmaster is set for failure. I think Velok knew that when he too, petitioned me for the job months ago.

You’ve always had a knack for stepping in when you need to. I admire that in you. Please remember not all those in the Republic are villains just like not all those in the Galactic Empire are ordered-saviors. I’ve always heard the GE has an aversion to force users, has that changed? If it has, I’d be cautious for the reasons and for how long it will last. I don’t want to meet you on the battlefield as an enemy.

Sometimes I wonder if my work on the Rim accomplishes anything, especially when I return to the Oneiromancer and see all its dents of use. I’m sure each carbon scoring has its own story, which I’d love to hear. Is it right for a jedi master to doubt? I struggle with that. Is what I’m doing enough; will it ever be enough?

I’ve gotten the papers. I hope to rendezvous with you soon, somewhere secret. I don’t want to jeopardize your position in the GE, especially if they saw you with someone that blew-up a star destroyer.

Much love,