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The Twister [Private]

Now with some downtime, Arisa was beginning to engage in some more personal training with her Padawan. Out of the small gang she had taken under her wing, she had prioritized Vitha over the others due to feedback gathered from her colleagues dealing with the Avogwi in the past. Something in her natural physiology and upbringing had set up the avian made the avian predisposed for corruption, especially in her rather raw state as an initiate.

Arisa would have to work on that, but from what she had observed dealing with Vitha in the past, it seemed like the best route to take at this point was to breed respect for the Jedi way by showcasing its benefits. So that's why she had pulled Vitha aside today, to go through the basics of Form IV, her real objective guised under the appearance of a simple lightsaber training session.

As per usual, Arisa would hold the class outside, though she had chosen a vacant landing pad instead of the gardens where to hold the session. The big open space would be a fitting venue to learn the aggressive acrobatic style.

[member="Vitha Sat-thuron"]
Vitha swooped down dropping her saberstaff onto the ground. Landing on top of it she nodded to her teacher. She had been called for some training on how to use her lightsaber. While she quite liked the power of the weapon and had quickly began adapting it to her somewhat personal style it did somewhat have some issues. With it cauterizing the wound it meant her target might not die even if seriously wounded. It also didn't seem to apply the same amount of raw force as eight talons driving deep into flesh and breaking bones as she closed her feet shut. While most of this had been tested on non-sentient prey, the jedi seemed to look down on killing sentients for some reason. "You said you wanted to do some training with me?"

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