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Approved Tech The Twins. Alkor's Pistols

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Gray Raxis

Blind and Broken


  • Intent: To create a pair of personal of blaster pistols for Alkor Centaris.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: WESTAR; RID
  • Affiliation: [member="Alkor Centaris"]
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Semi-Unique: 2
  • Material: Silicar, agrocite, reflec, force imbue, durasteel, blaster pistol parts
  • Classification: Blaster pistol
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Power cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: 12 shots per cell

  • Reload Speed: Average
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • Recoil: High
  • Biolocks on grip & trigger
  • Lightsaber resistant
  • Empowered bolts
  • Silent shots
  • Sensor proof
  • Empowered Bolts- The Twins are pair of very powerful blaster pistols. The use of agrocite in the construction of the barrel along with an aspect of the force imbue has enhanced the stopped power of each of it's bolts considerably. This was made even more powerful by pumping more energy into each shot than the average blaster pistol at the cost of less shots per cell.
  • Sturdy- The Twins are a sturdy pair of pistols. The use of durasteel and silicar in its construction means that it is able to handle a beating and keep working. The force imbuing also has left it with the side effect of also being light saber resistant, if not on the same level as phrik or beskar. The last thing is that the barrel does not overheat due to repeated firing thanks to the silicar used in its design. This means it can continue to fire without fear of the barrel warping or overheating the rest of the gun's mechanisms.
  • Subtle- The Twins are a subtle pair of blaster pistols. While they are always visible to the naked eye, the use of reflec has left them immune to sensor scans. They also are completely silent when they fire due to the other part of the force imbuing.
  • Force Suppression- The Twins are a fantastic pair of pistols, but they lose many advantages when inside a force suppression field. The empowerment for the bolts is lost, although still stronger than average pistols, and the sound of each shot is returned, which is much louder than the average pistol. The saber resistance is also lost as well.
  • Recoil- The Twins are a pair of pistols with a kark of a kick. The increased power behind the shots means increased kickback. This was reduced a bit due to the use of silicar in it's design and the added weight, but they could only absorb so much. While the pistols can be fired none stop without any damage to the gun, the one using them needs to be careful that they do not destroy their wrists and hands when shooting it rounds rapidly.
  • Damage- The Twins are a sturdy pair of pistols but that also means if they become damaged they are nearly impossible to fix without sending them back to WESTAR for repairs. The use of silicar is part of that problem as the material is so naturally hard to fix, but also in the use of agrocite and reflec. Neither is a readily available material and so needs to be prepared specially. If the reflec on the outside of the pistol is chipped off too much then it will also be able to be scanned. (If the pistols become damaged in a thread then a thread of taking them back to WESTAR on Mandalore is required to repair them)
When Alkor Centaris came to WESTAR asking for a pair of custom blaster pistols, the designers were happy. They chuckled and steepled their fingers and said, "Oh yes! YES!" It scared the other workers a bit. The designers had been wanting to play around with some pistol designs for some not so safe but very powerful pistols. After working on the designs for awhile and taking into account some security concerns in using them, they finally finished the weapons and then Gray used the force to imbue them with the finishing touches. So the Twins came into the galaxy to be Alkor's babies.

The Twins are designed simply like every other blaster pistol on the basic shape. With the exception of the barrel, the gun is made out of durasteel with some layers of silicar to give it some weight and a sturdy build. The barrel used agrocite and silicar to make the shots both powerful and resistant to overheating. The outside was coated in reflec to block sensors and the grip given a comfortable pad for shooting. After that bio locks were installed into the grip and trigger with the dna of Alkor and [member="Keira Verd"] so only they can use the weapon.

The last thing done to the Twins was being force imbued. The imbuing granted the guns resistance to lightsaber, although not on the level of phrik or beskar, as a side effect, but was not the main intent of the process. The intent of the imbuing was to redirect the extra energy being generated by the sound of the blaster firing into the bolts. This gave it a two fold effect. The shots are now even more powerful than they already were due to the increased energy per bolt at the cost of number of shots per cell and the use of agrocite in the barrel. The gun was also rendered completely silent a it fires. With this effect in place, the Twins were complete.
Hello, I'll be judging your submission this evening.

So i really enjoyed reading about this pistol. However I'm seeing a slight problem in being a bit too much as far as ratings go. Let's add another good weakness and drop a rating and we'll get these puppies firing.

[member="Gray Raxis"]

Gray Raxis

Blind and Broken
[member="Adron Malvern"]

I look forward to working with you! So for the rating, how are they too high? I'm asking out of curiosity and to get an idea of what I might be able to do with it. The sub has minuses in recoil, weight, and size for -3 and pluses in rate of fire and stopping power for +3. The rest is all average so 0s on them. That should put the rating at a 0 for balance sake. Is that correct or am I missing something in the ratings that threw it off?

The next thing is the weaknesses. I put in every weakness I could think of for the weapon. I attempted to balance out every strength with a weakness that could counter act it. The imbuement, including the lightsaber resistance, is completely canceled out by something like a ysalamari force suppressing field. I even mentioned the sound of the shots was louder in such a state than an average blaster. I upped the power on it, but it has both increased recoil and a reduced shot count. The template example said 50 shots per cell for an average blaster pistol. This one has 12. It is sturdy because of the materials used but also will require an actual thread to get them repaired. I put that in () and if need be I can color it so it stands out more.

Then the last 2 things is biolocks and reflec to make it sensor proof. Neither helps with combat, or the usefulness of it in combat is so minor that it would extremely rare for it to be an issue. Outside the biolock, the sensor proofing even can be dealt with by the guns reflec coating getting damaged enough so it fails to stop sensors.

I'm not trying to argue here and just clarifying to I could sort out where exactly this weapon has issues so I can find a way to fix them. It seemed balanced to me when I made it so a 2nd perspective would help greatly.
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