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Approved Tech The Twin Galaxies

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Professor of Alchemy

Source, presumably from screenshots from Men in Black.

Intent: To create a very small Force-based tracking device
Development Thread: If necessary
Manufacturer: Valicore Engineering
Model: Sith Amulets
Affiliation: None
Modularity: None
Production: Unique(Two)
Material: Sith Alchemized Gemstones(of no particularly special variety other than Sith Alchemization)
Radius: 21mm
Description: The Twin Galaxies are a project of Valik's with a very specific purpose, that is to track the other. Two clear gemstones were procured and were altered through Sith Alchemy by Valik in order to depict a map of the known galaxy. From there, Valik used Sith Alchemy in order to bind the two gems together in the Force. Through calibration and the gem's ability to feel it's 'sister' gem in the Force, it not only can locate it's opposite, but also discern it's location and display it based on figuring out how far and from what angle it is away from the the gem. Therefore if the user channels the Force into one of the gems it will display the location of the other in the form a dim glow on a certain location within the gem(which looks like a galaxy map). The gem's precision in locating it's opposite is limited to planetary bodies, and as the gems try to detect the Force 'signature' of their opposites the process could be negated by putting one of them in a Ysalamiri field. If the Force presence of one of the gems is negated by a ysalamiri field the other gem will assume it's in the gem's last trackable location. This means if one of the gems is put into a ysalamiri field and travels while in the Ysalamiri field the gem becomes miscalibrated. If this issue arises the gems can be recalibrated by a Sith Alchemist with sufficient skill and knowledge of intersteller geography. The gems despite being a type of Sith Amulet cannot be used to send any signals through each other, nor can they be used to deflect lightsabers, or boost one's power in the Force, or shield one from the effects of the Force. As it is a product of Sith Alchemy however, it does have a faint 'stench' of the darkside about it, and can corrupt users with prolonged usage, but the effect is not as drastic as more powerful Sith Artifacts, such as holocrons, swords, or tactically functional amulets.
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