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The Traveler

The Traveler


NAME: His real name is unknown and he is known only as "The Traveler"
SPECIES: Advanced Clone of Unknown Origin
AGE: Appears to be 27 but is actually only 18
HEIGHT: 2 Meters tall
WEIGHT: 65 Kilogram's
EYES: His eyes are often shadowed from his robe but they are orange
HAIR: This is hidden by his robes but he has short black hair cut in a military type style.
SKIN: Tan, half way between black and white.
FORCE SENSITIVE: He is highly force sensitive, he might one day be the most powerful clone in the universe... one day


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
- He has faint memories of the person he was cloned from.
- He has frequent mood swings, one moment he can be calm then the next minute he can be kicking your ass.
+ He is working on controlling his mood swings, but he cannot stop them from happening.
+ He does not remember much about these faint memories, only slight remembrance.

Slave I style ship

On Kamino Cloning Facility-Mossak Genie (NPC)
We couldn't give up on them, 2 clones ordered by a mysterious stranger. We took some of his DNA then he was gone and just the other day he cancelled his order, but they were so near completion we refused to kill them. They are nearing there completion every second, in fact one is awakening now. Wait... That's impossible it's out, one of them have broke their way out of their tube and he looks pissed. He is approaching me. That's it time to fight fire with fire. I push the button and release the other clone. The one approaching me doesn't know that I have released the other clone but his hand is already on my neck...
Mossak Genie killed on the occasion on The Traveler's awakening

On Kamino Cloning Facility-The Traveler
I wake up to find myself in a tube in the middle of some sort of facility, why have I been put here? I am so angry that i accidentally break through the glass plastic of the tube. I then see a man, he must have done this to me, I approach him and he presses a button, I don't know what for, but before I know it my hand is clamped upon his neck and he is simply dead. Then I turn around and see... another me! We engage in combat and i bring my fist smashing down on his face, then i do what i did to the man who pushed the button, i clamp my hand around his neck then he also dies.
The other clone (Name Unknown) killed by The Traveler on the occasion of the fight between him and The Traveler

In Hyperspace-The Traveler
I have been lucky enough to find myself a decent ship in the hanger bay of that place. I feel a power surging through me, I must find out more about it as it dominates most of my mind.




Evasion Studios
As for your ship; Slave I is an antiquated Kuat Systems Engineering Firespray-interceptor-class.