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Approved Location The Tower Shield

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Arken Lussk

Thrills, Chills, and Kills
The Tower Shield
An image of the fourth floor of The Tower Shield.
  • Intent: To provide the company Aegis Systems with a headquarters building and primary data processing and network security center.
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    ​Aegis Systems

  • Structure Name: The Tower Shield
  • Classification: Corporate Headquarters
  • Location: Fiyarro, Serenno
  • Affiliation: Arken Lussk, Aegis Systems
  • Accessibility: The Tower Shield is a corporate skyscraper, encompassing five stories. The only entrances are through several doors on the first floor and a single landing pad atop the building for executive guests. Each entrance is guarded, though lightly, but two-factor authentication entailing both biometric scanners and employee keycards allow access to the facility during normal working hours. It is not open to the public unless otherwise specified for corporate or employee-based events.
  • Security: The physical security is very minimal, almost wholly comprised of Southstar-class droids or other organic security personnel hired from the surrounding area. While physical security is quite minimal and fairly reasonable for a company this size, the magic really happens on the inside. A plethora of video cameras, motion sensors, and biometric scanners dot the building. Server rooms are guarded by security personnel at all times, with network security droids typically filling such a role.
The Tower Shield is the headquarters of the company Aegis Systems. Constructed upon commission from Arken Lussk, the 5-story tower was constructed to house the primary network operations and security center from which to base all corporate operations from. It's a rather simple building in regards to external appearances. It blends in fairly well with the rest of the financial and banking institutes that seem to litter the cities of Serenno, though it does have a pair of AEGIS SYSTEMS logos emblazoned on the sides of it.

The interior, however, it quite another story. As a company based on providing technological services to its clients, Aegis Systems aims to stay at the very top of the food chain by using the latest and greatest in all technology and creature comforts. Top-notch security systems, powerful servers and mainframes, plentiful logistics closets full of computers and datapads, and a large and quite redundant heating, ventilation, & air conditioning system. There are several break lounges for employees to spend their breaks that offer great views of Fiyarro city, snack bars, HoloNet terminals, and video game consoles along with plush and comfortable furniture.

The majority of the building is comprised of data processing, security operations, and intelligence analysis centers. As for the top floor, that is entirely dedicated to the executive staff. Managers, secretaries, and other administrative personnel higher up in the chain of command are seated here.

However, the most important and valuable part of the building is the fourth floor. This entire floor is a command center. A single BRT Supercomputer, affectionately named Hannah is housed here. Several redundant power generators and uninterruptible power supplies, extensive HVAC systems, and a small legion of network security and intelligence analysis droids mill about here. This is where the real magic of the company happens. Largely automated with organic overseers, this central processing center is where the majority of the threat intelligence analysis and network security functions occur.

  • First Floor - The administrative floor. Lots of secretaries, administrative aides, and security personnel are seated here. There's quite a few help desk technicians down here as well, most of them droids, who are there to provide customer service via the HoloNet or through telecommunications equipment. Several janitorial and maintenance personnel operate out of here. There's also a small lounge and break area for employees to relax.
  • Second Floor - Data Processing Center. Many servers and mainframes with their respective network and systems administrators are seated here. Their role is to keep Aegis Systems services up and running. Extensive and redundant HVAC and network uplink systems are also located on this floor.
  • Third Floor - Network Operations & Security Center. While the second floor maintains the availability of the services, the third floor is the actual operations area. Many security administrators, programmers, and white-hat slicers operate here. Their job is to carry out their tasks in developing & pushing patches, updates, and other operations as required.
  • Fourth Floor - The Central Command Center. This is where Hannah the supercomputer is housed, accompanied by her legion of intelligence and network analysts. Their jobs are similar to those of the third floor, largely in part of monitoring all Aegis networks and services. Lots of their tasks include analyzing threads on the HoloNet to include viruses, worms, and malicious logic to other cyber and electronic threads assigned to them by their clientele. They define the situation, analyze, implement appropriate controls, implement the solution, and then observe their work. Heavily guarded, redundant HVAC, power supplies, and network uplink connections.
  • Fifth Floor - The Executive Center. Arken Lussk along with his board and other managers and related staff work here. Management of the company as a whole tends to be their mission objective and they do it quite well. There's some limited security here, though nothing out of the ordinary. Several offices dot this floor along with a primary conference room where meetings are often held.
  • The Landing Pad - Seated just atop the fifth floor. Large enough to accommodate an average sized freighter or a yacht. There's several security measures here to prevent unauthorized entry but it's nothing like what's on the first or fourth floors.

There isn't a ton of history behind this building. While it has only been in existence for quite a short amount of time, the services this company provides are nothing short of remarkable. The Tower Shield was commissioned and contracted out by Arken Lussk, heir apparent to the true Sith Empire and the fortune that comes with being an Emperor's son, ordered the construction of this facility immediately. The construction process was a long, tedious, and strenuous one but Arken would have nothing but perfection be put into this building. It's his hallmark, the bulwark against all threats on the HoloNet and cyberspace.

Many people inquire the origins of this building's unique name, and it's a quite simple answer. Tower shields are ancient defensive equipment used by soldiers of yore and Aegis Systems sees itself as the shield that protects all users of the HoloNet from malicious users and logic. They stand ready to thwart all electronic threats and free the HoloNet so that every being in the galaxy may access its boundless wonders.

Ashin Varanin

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I love seeing a location that's an RP setting and not a middle finger to prospective intruders. This place rings true to me in a fun way. Between the inherited fortune, the limited role, and Serenno itself, I'm fine with the BRT too. I don't see any staggering oomph or serious weaknesses, just a nice well-drawn corporate HQ. Looks fine at my end.
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