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The Templar Order


The Templar Order

What is the Templar Order?

The Templar Order is a unique culture of wielders of the Force found within the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As a whole, they are a congregation whose beliefs revolve around the Five Virtues: Freedom, Individuality, Community, Growth, and Balance. Upon their shoulders fall the duties of protecting the innocent, furthering the advancement of freedom throughout the Galaxy, and holding the Confederacy accountable to its values and integrity.

What are the Ideals of the Templar Order?

As aforementioned, the Templar Order is governed by a system of beliefs known as the Five Virtues which serve to direct the day-to-day lives of each individual member. The virtue of Freedom is a representation of the Order's refusal to restrict its members in ways that are common of other Force-based organizations. Templars are free to travel about the Galaxy, free to learn the ways of the Force under any teacher of any alignment, and are free to be themselves! Also, it is this virtue, in addition to its immediate successor, which drives their allegiance to the Confederacy and their desire to spread true freedom throughout the Galaxy.

The next virtue, Individuality, builds upon the virtue of Freedom by reinforcing the fact that the Order does not make it a point to restrict its members. It will never close its doors, nor turn anyone away due to race, creed, alignment, gender, preferences, or anything in-between. In fact, the Order makes it a point to respect and adore that which makes each and every member unique and encourages their individuality.

The third virtue unites the Order as a whole: Community. There is but a single, elementary change which occurs when an indiviual joins the Templar Order. It is the same change which occurs whenever a Sith is redeemed, or a Jedi falls. Those respective congregations do not view their members as "a Sith within the Jedi Order" or "a Jedi within the Sith Order"; and neither does the Templars. Those who join the Order will be considered fully apart of the growing family and are to carry the title Templar.

The fourth virtue, Growth, epitomizes the Order's desire to learn and grow like never before. Members of the Order are encouraged to exercise their freedom in order to learn and become stronger across the starts; and they are also encouraged to return and share that which they have learned with their fellow Templars. As a whole, the Order is a safe, unbiased hub of training, growth, and learning in more areas than just the Force. Training in weaponry, the arts, healing, and other areas are equally important.

Lastly, the fifth virtue, Balance, consists of the Order's view of the Force. It is derived from the ancient Je'daii manner of thought in which Darkness and Light are two sides of the same coin and cannot exist without the other. The typical mindset is that these halves are encouraged to be kept in balance, but never will anyone be turned away, bullied, or persuaded to change who they are based upon how "Light" or "Dark" they may be.

In brief, the Templars are an Order characterized by ideals revolving around accepting any and all individuals for who they are, allowing them to be free to be themselves, placing a priority on personal and community growth, and balance overall.

How is the Templar Order organized?

At the helm of the Templar Order is the aptly-named Council of Masters. Presided over by the Archon, the Council oversees the entirety of the Templar Order's activities and it falls upon their shoulders to make the decisions which impact the Order as a whole. The Archon, who is the leader of the Council, sits upon the Confederacy's own Leadership Council as a representative of the interests of the Council of Masters and the Order as a whole.

The Order is composed of three ranks of Templar: Aspirant, Knight, and Master. These ranks are more or less equivocal to those present within the vast majority of known Force-based organizations.

In addition to these ranks, there are a variety of specializations that a Templar may opt to choose. These range from the Gun Templar, which are individuals whom are skilled in the usage of a variety of firearms, to Blade Templars, which are individuals who are skilled in the usage of lightsabers and vibro-weaponry, to Healers, Archivists, and much much more!

What are the Goals of the Templar Order?
  • To provide a safe, unbiased place of training and growth that is open to all Force Users.
  • To promote and spread freedom throughout the Galaxy.
  • To hold the Confederacy, as a whole, to a standard based on values and integrity.
How does one go about joining the Templar Order?

One would simply have to physically join the CIS' faction page and post in the Templar Sign Up topic, found here:

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