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Approved Tech The Technomancer

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John Locke




  • Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics

  • Affiliation: (Individual Character Name [member="Allyson Locke"]

  • Model: Technomancer Armour

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique (Only One Character)

  • Material: Phrik, Duramesh, Electronics, Impact Gel

  • Classification: Support Power Armour

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: High
- Sonic: High
- EMP/ION: Low


  • Miniaturised spider slicers

  • Hydra

  • Zeidrich

  • Grav boots and gloves

  • Micro-repulsors in the gloves and boots

  • LK Phantom Optical Cloak

  • Power Armour

  • Power Armour: The microactuators in the armour allow Allyson to move faster and hit harder than she normally would.

  • LK Phantom Optical Cloak: Not as good as a proper cloaking device the LK Phantom Optical Cloak still helps the armour mantain a modicum of stealth while muffling any sound of footsteps.

  • Repulsors: Microrepulsors embedded into the gloves and boots of the armour give it enhanced mobility and damage to unarmed attacks.

  • Zeidrich: A deployable shield that can alternate between blocking physical and energy attacks as well as briefly summoning a retribution shield or both shields if needed.

  • Hyrdra: A powerful networking setup that allows multiple systems to be hooked together, enabling Mecha Daru to influence a much larger range of systems than normal.

  • Spider Slicers: A specialised version of the spider sliver droids created by Locke and Key Mechanics the droids are a miniaturized version of the droids with much of their independent functionality stripped away to be replaced by the Hydra system allowing them to be controlled via the armour.

  • Jamming: A large part of the armour can be found in the use of the Hydra to enhance Allyson’s innate skill with electronics, however in order to use [SIZE=9pt]this communication[/SIZE] links need to be extended. This link can easily be blocked by ECM or normal communication jammers.

  • EMP/Ion: Given the number of advanced systems worked into the armour it is little surprise that John had worked into the armour there is a marked vulnerability to EMP and Ion based attacks that can render the armour’s system’s useless.

  • Weak at the joints: Like most [SIZE=9pt]armours[/SIZE] the Technomancer contains weaknesses at its joints where the metallic plates of the Phrik didn’t cover the bodysuit.

  • There can be only one: Only one of the two systems, magnetic gloves and boots, or the repulsors can be active at any one time.

  • Repulsors: Although the repulsors make for effective weapons, there is a downside to their use. Anything held in the armour’s hands while the repulsors are active will suffer the same damage as if something were being punched.

  • I see you: Like any communications network, the network created by the hydra can be detected and provides a vector for counter slicing, allowing someone who gains access to it to locate the armour and potential compromise it's systems as well a locating the other nodes of hte network to see how far it has spread.

  • LK Phantom: The Phantom is an imperfect cloak, creating a shimmering in the air rather than complete invisibility. As such anyone using it can be spotted by an alert individual, the cloak not providing true invisibility so much as increased stealth.

Built by John Locke for his cousin Allyson the Technomancer is designed to operate with her skills with Mecha Deru, enhancing them and providing them with more options to use on missions while also keeping her safe. If he’d had his way this would be done by encasing her in a walking tank of Phrik, but that wasn’t a possibility. [SIZE=9pt]Instead[/SIZE], the suit started out with a standard undersuit, the Hexarium Bodyglove around which John placed Phrik armour backed by a layer of kinetic gell. The near indestructible quality of the light metal provides an excellent protection, while the kinetic impact gel prevents the impact of sonic or kinetic weapons from overly shaking up Allyson inside the armour. The impact gell operates almost as a shock absorber, any impacts to the metal armour are spread across the surface of the impact gel-like ripples on a pond. This means that a sufficiently powerful blow or series of blows can shake up the armour’s user, overcoming the impact gel protections.

The secret of the armour is rather in the Hydra-networking system built into it. It is this system that is at the core of the armour’s ability, meshing with Allyson’s skills in Mecha Daru to allow her to control droids, drones and systems which she connects to the armour. The hydra-mesh creates a network of devices which Allyson will be able to control through her use of the force. Foremost amongst these are 4 miniaturized spider slicer droids which are stored on the armour, stored curled up on her back when not in use. Allyson can use the droids as drones, receiving data from them and sending instructions without the need for talking, through the droids she would also be able to turn her skills onto any system they were connected through, increasing the range of her Mecha Daru abilities to the limit of her comms link with the droids. Other droids or systems can be added to the network created by the Hydra, allowing [SIZE=9pt]Allyon[/SIZE] to maintain her influence over them as long as she remains within comms reach of them.

The Armour also comes equipped with Locke and Key’s latest Harmonia System, allowing Allyson to simulate the telepathic communication which her force talent’s don’t cover. The Harmonia also allows Allyson a new vector for access to systems to use Mecha Daru on, especially as biological and technological communications systems become more [SIZE=9pt]wide spread[/SIZE] across the galaxy this allows the pilot and operative to keep up with the changing face of technology and maintain her own particular brand of chaos.

The Technomancer is all about allowing Allyson to complete the missions required, and as [SIZE=9pt]a SIS[/SIZE] agent, and someone who is often deployed into war zones, the ability to move stealthily and through places people might not always expect you to is critical. For that reason John included both stealth and mobility gear in the armour. The stealth was accomplished via a personal cloaking device mixed with a similar system of sound reducers as were used in the LK Phantom Optical Cloak. Between the Personal Cloak and the Sound reducers the armour was an extremely effective way to hide her presence. Mobility was provided through magnetic boots and gloves, allowing Allyson to approach situations from directions she would not have been able to previously.

Additional mobility was provided in the form of a series of micro-repulsors scattered across the gloves and boots of the armour. The repulsing field generated by the micro-repulsors allowed the suit faster movement since it gave a little bit of extra power to anything it pushed off. An additional benefit of the repulsors was, any kick or punch made while the repulsors were active.


Just under the upper hand.
<p>Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.<br /><br />[member="Jamie Pyne"], [member="Lily Kuhn"], [member="Zef Halo"]</p>
[member="John Locke"] | [member="Gib"]

This submission is very ambitious, includes two restricted materials, high ratings, and a greater number of strengths to weaknesses. As is I cannot pass this as it simply has way too much going on. I would advise adjusting something(s), and/or reconsidering removing something or throwing in a few additional, viable weaknesses to go with what you have.

John Locke

[member="Jamie Pyne"] | [member="Gib"]

Yeah, this is one of my most ambitious subs so far, and I can fully understand where you're coming from.

I have removed the personal cloak, replacing it entirely with the LK Phantom Otical Cloak system which is an imperfect cloak meaning the user can still be spotted if someone is looking and is alert. I have also added an additional weakness in the I see you, the communications network created by the armour can be counter sliced, providing a vector for someone to try and access the armour's systems or locate it.

Do you feel that's enough to balance it, or should I look at adjusting it further?

John Locke

[member="Jamie Pyne"]

The LK Phantom Optical Cloak is already linked in my submission, the bottom bullet point in primary sources. I have included it here for ease of reference to (x).
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