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Approved Location The Tatooine Track

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Kurt Meyer

Let Me Push That Button
  • Intent: To sub one of Helios' Racetracks
  • ​Image Credit: Matthe Dobrich, ME, GAZE UPON IT'S BEAUTY
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​Currently the largest track operated by the Helios Racing Company, the Tatooine Track extends for a circuit of nearly 100km.
  • Population: Moderately Populated
  • Demographics:
Even more so than the Helios Racing Company Track on Dac, the Tatooine Raceway is incredibly diverse. Anyone and everyone can attend the track on Tatooine, and it is highly encouraged for even the poorest of people to follow along with the race.

Of course, the best seats are reserved for those with wealth and money. It is not uncommon for many wealthy people to come to Tatooine to enjoy the races on this track, their entire experience cared for by the Helios Racing Company. Despite this however the races are still fairly open, and many people are able to easily watch the race itself.
  • Accessibility:
As stated above the Tatooine Track is quite accessible and is easily viewed through multiple means. The track itself begins in a large stadium like arena, much like the one used for the Boonta Eve.

Beyond this however the track becomes far more difficult to access since it runs through the middle of a desert. Despite this however most people are easily able to attend the arena, and of course are encouraged to do so. The VIP sections are once again large floating hover structures that float over the Track itself. These are reserved for only the most well paying consumers and are incredibly popular as they take one away from the 'reality' of Tatooine.
  • Description:
The Tatooine Racetrack was the second track constructed by the Helios Racing Company. The track itself is far more complex in design than it's Dac predecessor and is considered to be extremely dangerous. Taking it's cues from the more famous Boonta Eve circuit, the Tatooine Track or 'Dune' as it is called by many of the pilots is longer, windier, and more difficult to master than it's cousins.

As well as being more difficult, the Tatooine Circuit is far longer than both Dac and the Boonta Eve Track that was already long established. Races on the Tatooine Track generally do not go for three runs, instead the race is simply once around the circuit itself.

Since the Helios Racing Company didn't want to just copy the Boonta Eve Track, Dune actually cuts it's way through the great desert sea. This has it's advantages and disadvantages. The largest of which is the fact that the track must be constantly maintained, shifting dunes and sandstorms often mean the desert moves, and thus the Tatooine Track often changes slightly between every single race.

This makes the track incredibly difficult to learn, but also vastly more exciting to watch.

The Tatooine Track is without question the favorite of most patrons.

Arena: Set up just outside of the Great Desert Sea, the Arena is the central point where people come to watch the Races. Unlike the Dac Track, Dune is rather different in how it's viewers can actually observe the races. The Arena is the only building in which the Helios Racing Company actually sells tickets and gives amenities to(aside from the VIP boxes). This is mostly due to the ease of control and set up that one single structure offers.

The Arena is a large enclosed building containing huge stands, comfortable seating, as well as dozens of restaurants and of course a gift shop. Every single space that can have a holo-display, does have a holo-display. The race is always televised and easily watchable within the arena. Of course the structure itself is air conditioned, making it comfortable to stay inside and patronize the various establishments inside while watching.

For die hard fans the Arena also offers roof top seating. This allows the viewers to watch the Pod's on some of the corners as well as at the start of the race. Of course even in the roof top seating one can buy snacks and concessions, and there are holo-screens to watch the entirety of the race.

VIP Boxes: The VIP boxes are specially constructed repuslor vehicles.

These boxes are in essence just small 'houses' built with a few repulsor lifts on the bottom. They contain a set of bathrooms, a large viewing room, and of course a kitchen which is fully staffed and capable of serving pretty much anything that you can dream of. There is also a Service Droid as well as several other amenities such as comfortable acceleration couches and full viewing screens featuring the race.

There are six of these VIP boxes capable of fitting about twenty people each, they follow along the race slowly and allow for a full view of the entire event.

Racetrack: The Tatooine Track is the longest and largest circuit currently operated by Helios Racing Company. Over one hundred kilometers long the racetrack itself winds and cuts through the dunes of the Great Desert Sea. The entire track is lit in much the same means as the one on Dac, utilizing gigantic light markers so that the racers actually have any idea of where they're going.

Unlike the track on Dac however, Dune slightly shifts every so often. The huge sandstorms and the every shifting desert cause the track to move slightly, forcing automatic adjustements and changing the race little by little every time it does so.

For these reasons, as well as it's length, the Tatooine Track is the most enjoyable to watch. It is also the most dangerous. Only experienced pilots should ever race on the Tatooine Track, and it is more than common for there to be several crashes throughout each and every race. Despite this, pilots see the Tatooine track as a fantastic challenge and racing here is often a right of passage.

The Helios Racing Company is a recently founded corporation which intends to dominate the racing scene in the galaxy.

Starting out, the company built a total of three different racetracks, two of which designed for pod-racers and the third designed for swoops. The second of these tracks was a project of passion, designed to be difficult and dangerous; Tatooine.

Originally founded on the desert world of twin suns, the Helios Racing Company wanted to gift it's homeworld something truly grand. Though the planet already had one of the most famous race tracks in the galaxy; the Boonta Eve, Helios wanted to do something else. The company quickly scoured the planet, and found that there was something entirely different they could construct within the worlds Great Desert Sea.

Famed for it's massive dunes and dangerous creatures, the Great Desert Sea turned out to be the perfect place for another racetrack.

The 'construction' of the track took place quickly, with Helios utilizing the same race markers that it had before. Of course, being in the desert the construction of the Track was really more of a marking, placing everything correctly so that the track would be able to shift and move as the desert did. Though this presented numerous difficulties, Helios was eventually able to set everything perfectly in place.

The Tatooine Track, or "Dune" as it is known among racers is one of the most dangerous and longest racetracks in the galaxy.
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