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The Star Fortress

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Anya Venari

Star Queen Tirathana VII

Name: The Star Fortress

Image Source: Map by me.

Classification: Planetary Defence Fortress

Location: Tygara. Just north of New Santaissa.

Affiliation: Tygaran Alliance.

  • HQ of the Tygaran Alliance Home Defence Army.
    1st Eldorai Army Corps (~25,000 infantry, gunners etc. 300 vehicles/walkers. 80 guns)
  • 5 x Angelii Great Companies (500 Angelii, though many of these are trainees, garrison etc.)

  • 1 x motorised infantry division (~5,000 motorised infantry)
  • 1 x armoured division (1,500 motorised infantry, ~3,500 crew etc. 120 vehicles/walkers)
  • 1 x artillery brigade (~1,500 gunners etc. 54 guns)

[*]1 x fighter squadrons, 1 x gunship, 1 x bomber squadrons.
[*]Non-combatants, support staff, engineers etc (~20,000)

Total of ~60,000 in the fortress or nearby.


  • 9 x Tempest Cannons. These are located on top of plateau in a hexagonal pattern around the Ion Cannons
  • 3 x Ion Cannon. Likewise located on top of the plateau, in the middle of the Tempests.
  • Multiple Aspis Defence Shields.
    One ‘Theatre’ shield over the entire fortress, city of new Santaissa and beyond.
  • One emergency backup ‘City’ shield to cover the fortress and city.
  • One ‘Building’ shield over each redoubt.

[*]25 x Keraunos Missile Turrets – Located atop the Citadel.
[*]72 x Ballista Weapon Emplacements – Each redoubt is equipped with 3 of these, the plateau has many scattered around the edge to fire down onto the plain. These are concentrated near the access roads.
[*]144 x Javelin Weapon Emplacements – Provided in doubles to support the Ballistas.
[*]200+ x MK3 Bolters – These are mounted in bunkers and entrenchments to bombard attacking infantry.
[*]32 x Rotary Shattercannons – Covering the access roads and emplaced on the redoubts.
[*]Many Mobile Barricades – these can be moved to block the access roads and provide moveable bulwarks.
[*]Mines are scattered in the zones beyond the forts in clusters, and especially near the access ramps.

Below gun and vehicle numbers depend on deployment, but all the below are present in some number.

Points of Interest:
  • The Citadel – The nerve centre not just of the Star Fortress but of all the Eldorai defences of Tygara are built into the mountain. Here are kept shelters for important individuals, communication equipment and also the targeting for the Battery.
  • The Starlance Battery – Here concentrated is a massively powerful collection of surface to space weapons. Nine Tempest cannons (5 removed from Kaeshana, four new) and three ion cannons (2 from Kaeshana, one new) have been grouped to provide a shattering volley.
  • Access Roads – These two roads are the only land approach to the fortress. They are of course heavily defended, and expose the attacker to deadly fields of fire. At the bottom of the roads there are mines scattered to either side.
  • Redoubts – Three outlying fortresses serve as firebases and redoubts. Enemies attacking them are covered by the fortress or vice versa.
  • Hanger – Built into the mountains is space for storing and launching 3 squadrons. There are also large landing pads on the top for transports.
  • Shield Generators – Strongly defended, these generators are the most important defence of the whole fortress. Without them not just the Star Fortress but New Santaissa is threatened.
  • Reactor – Using components from Kaeshana and new parts a massive reactor has been bored into the rock beneath the fortress. This reactor is big enough to power the Starlance battery, the shields, plus all the other needs.
  • Aquifer – A deep mountain spring has been tapped to provide water for the garrison if regular supplies are cut off. There is enough water to last effectively forever, certainly for half a year of siege.


The Star Fortress is built onto a levelled mountain plateau. This area has been graded and formed into a mostly level surface with the exception of some peaks left standing because they were useful. The whole plateau sits about 200m above the plain, though this varies in places. The peaks are unsuitable for scaling without considerable effort.
The terrain around the Star Fortress is heavily wooded, but the trees have been cut down and used around the base of the plateau so they cannot be used as cover.

To the south sits the city of New Santaissa. The city is protected by the shields and defences of the Star Fortress. Three ‘State Farms’ operate near the fortress. These farms were setup by the Eldorai government to directly provide provisions to the fortress when needed in case of transport breakdowns from elsewhere.

Three redoubts are positioned so as to provide mutual support to the fortress. These redoubts are well armed with turrets and emplaced weapons, surrounded by mines expect for access roads. This makes it hard to assault these defences except in certain zones which can be easily targeted.

The Star Fortress has room to house all the personnel, weapons and vehicles of the garrison, but except in wartime and siege this is not done due to crowding. In normal circumstances the garrison rotates through the fortress, redoubts and other duties.
The Citadel provides co-ordination and orders to the fortress and surrounding areas. There is also a deep shelter here for the Star Queen and important Eldorai and Firemane staff should such a thing be needed.

Overall the fortress is a massive defence but it is not invulnerable. Disabling the shields would open it to orbital and land bombardment. The reactor, though guarded and defended, is the key to everything. Were it to be disabled or even worse damaged, the entire Star Fortress would be rendered near helpless.


In Eldorai myth, Ashira sits in a castle amongst the stars, looking down upon her children. For those who know the truth of Eldorai history it is somewhat ironic.
However, the name ‘Star Fortress’ is one which proved an easy fit for a fortress designed to defend and protect the new Eldorai homeworld.

Once they landed on Tygara, defending their new refuge became a priority for the Eldorai leadership and their Firemane allies. Fortunately just to the north of New Santaissa was a spur of mountain which could be flattened out and moulded into the required defence. Therefore, the plateau was mostly levelled and burrowed into allowing for reactors, guns, hangers and barracks to be housed inside.

The Star Fortress was a joint project between the Eldorai and Firemane, and so both contributed resources and eventually troops to defend it.
Fortunately, from Kaeshana had been salvaged the Tempest cannons from the Citadels of Dusk and Dawn plus Ashira’s Crown allowing them to reduce costs, the same for the ion cannons. Hundreds of other smaller turrets and weapons had also been salvaged, or pulled from now abandoned Firemane outposts. This kept costs down considerably.

The intention of the Star Fortress was to serve as a bastion to defend the whole of Tygara from attack. Rather than using a dispersed strategy, this single bulwark was to defend the planet from attack. Though this did put ‘all the Jesters in one basket’ it was too risky to distribute the defences across the planet when many regions of Tygara had not been properly explored or mapped.

Intent: To create a very powerful fortress to defend Tygara against attack. Armed with massed weapons and defended by thousands of soldiers, the Star Fortress is the defence for the planet against invasion.
This is a powerful location, but as it should be. It is certainly not invincible and is in line with previous installations I have completed before.

Dev Threads:
Forging a Star – Two Xioquo inspect the base. (14 posts)
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Anya Venari said:
from Kaeshana had been salvaged the Tempest cannons from the Citadels of Dusk and Dawn plus Ashira’s Crown
[member="Anya Venari"]

Can you clarify when this salvaging takes place in relation to the events on Kaeshana?
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